Atlantic Beach Country Club

Beth Diaz

Beth Diaz: TPI level 3 Junior, level 2 Fitness. CSCS. Precision Nutrition Matt McKay: TPI level 1. Paul Chek Golf Specialist Jason Diaz: PGA professional

Bonita Bay Club

Tammy Mugavero

Capital City Country Club

Ken Shigley

Governor's Club

Thomas Brinson

Thomas Brinson, PGA, CCM Alex van der Linden, PGA Ray Davenport, TPI Sarah Bejgrowicz-Lewallen, PGA, LPGA

Ironworks Golf Academy

Michael Tabbert

Michael Tabbert. PGA Professional TPI Level 1, Power Level 2, and Junior Development Level 2 Certifications, K-Motion Level 1 Certified, Boditrak Ground Mechanics, Kinexit Certified Professional, Superspeed Golf Level 1 Certified

Jupiter Hills Club

Lance Gill

Jason Baile - Director of Instruction (TPI level 1 and level 2 Fitness, Golf2 Golf 3 PGA Master Class A) Lance Gill - Director of Peformance (MS ATC TPI 1 FP2 FP3 MP2 MP3 JR2 JR3 Golf2 Golf3 Biomechanics 2 SFMA 2 racquet-fit) Shelley Flowers - Director of Fitness (TPI level 1, multiple fitness certifications) Larry Jones - Trainer (TPI level 1) Stieg Thiander - Trainer (TPI level 1) Chase Garris - Trainer (TPI level 1) Hoda Jarrah - Trainer (TPI level 1) Judy Dickinson - Golf Instructor (TPI level 1) Tyler Mraz - 1st Golf Assistant (TPI level 1)

Lyman Orchards

Marissa Kulig Crow

Marissa Kulig Crow Class A LPGA Professional 2021 LPGA National Teacher of the Year Level II Katherine Robert's Yoga for Golfer's Certified Instructor CardioGolf Certified Trainer Frankly Golf Certified Putting Instructor

Northwood Club Wellness Center

Will Haddad

Will Haddad, CSCS, CES, BCS, WLS, FNS, FMS Jason Spohn, Cooper CPT, TPI-II, FMS Chris Meyer, ACSM CPT, Master Pro Golf Instructor, TPI-II

Patterson Golf Performance/ Anniston Country Club

Patrick Patterson

Patrick Patterson, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Expert

Sea Island Golf Performance Center

Randy Myers

Randy Myers M.LS, TPI-3, Golf Digest Professional Advisor, Golf Digest 50 Best Golf-Fitness Trainers in America, Titleist Performance Institute founding advisor, Titleist Performance Institute Hall of Fame, Ryder Cup 2016 US Team Director of Fitness Tom Hemmings CSCS, CES, PES, TPI-2, VIPR

The Junior Golf Performance Academy

Thor H Parrish

We have a staff of over 12 PGM interns who are all ADM certified trainers to help incorporate healthy habits and a wholistic approach to golf instruction including fitness into all of our programming.

The Peninsula Club

Bob Forman

Bob Forman - Functional Golf Specialist - Gray Institute - Golf Fitness Instructor - Titleist Performance Institute - Certified Personal Trainer - American College of Sports Medicine - Exercise is Medicine Credential - American College of Sports Medicine - Certified Applied Functional Science - Gray Institute

The Turn

Frank Rihtar

Trevor Hazen PGA Erin Craig PGA Gina Babinec PT, CGFI-Titleist Performance Institute Level I Alexandra Larson PT, DPT, MBA