Gray Institute is the world’s foremost authority on how the human body works and optimizing movement and stability through the Applied Functional Science® platform. Over the past 40 years, Gray Institute has certified over 250,000 professionals, helping them to accelerate their careers by becoming go-to movement coaches and trainers – with more than 17,000 them being certified in the past five years alone. In addition to earning these certifications, these professionals gain access to unique content such as webinars, a mobile app, live events, specializations, the accelerated GIFT mentorship program and more.

Dr. Gary Gray, PT, FAFS received his initial education as a physical therapist in the mid-1970s. He immediately pursued additional training as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and as a strength and conditioning coach. With his ongoing mission of learning and sharing more, and with the goal of educating, empowering and encouraging others on how the human body could function better, recover better and perform better at the very highest levels, Dr. Gray established Gray Institute.

Gray Institute developed Applied Functional Science, an entire platform built around the science of movement and stability. Applied Functional Science was created around how the body really works, in a series of transformational environments and chain reactions. That work led to a second breakthrough: the 3D Maps® platform, a series of user-friendly modules that gets people of all ages to move better. Applied Functional Science and 3DMaps form the foundation of the new Functional Movement Coach® and Functional Golf Coach® certifications.

For nearly a decade, Gray Institute worked with Nike’s top performing athletes through an exclusive agreement at Nike’s headquarters campus in Beaverton, Oregon. And since then, Gray Institute’s clients have included many of the best athletes from Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL, as well as leading college athletic teams, hospitals specializing in rehabilitation, local schools and even the Navy Seals.

Today, Gray Institute certifications are recognized by all leading fitness and mobility governing bodies in the United States, the PGA of America, and the majority of those around the world.