Customer Engagement & Marketing: Communicating Your
Golf Fitness Goals

Tammy Mugavero (left) is the Director of Fitness and EJ McDonnell (right) is the PGA Director of Golf at Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Golf fitness has come to the mainstream of golf instruction — not just for the professional golfers, but for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and better golf game. Collaboration between your golf and fitness professionals is the key first step to implementing an impactful golf fitness program.

With the elevation of golf fitness as a vital aspect of a complete player development program, we developed a comprehensive plan for collaboration about six years ago to determine the most effective methods of communication with members, introducing information at the outset and disseminating it on a frequent basis today.

First, we hosted town halls, presenting the mission, goals and benefits of the program. Members asked questions and left with a solid understanding of what we had in store. It also gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our mutual commitment to the endeavor.

Additional methods of communication we currently use include short videos emailed to members and posted on YouTube, blog posts on our website, newsletters and tips provided via email blasts. More interactive methods of communication include workshops that further enable us to be present in front of our members, as well as the “My Wellness” app that helps individuals maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through tracking of their physical activities.

The more your members see your professionals collaborating, the more they will understand your message and the importance of an effective golf fitness program.