Customer Engagement & Marketing: Team Up for Your Students

Thomas Brinson (left) is the PGA Director of Golf, Alex van der Linden (center) is the PGA Director of Golf Instruction, and Ray Davenport (right) is the Director of Athletics at Governors Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Working with members on all aspects of their golf instruction and fitness is vital to their growth and progress. One program we recently implemented enables students to have a fitness session where we work on their mobility and muscle activation prior to them spending time with one of our golf instructors.

Our personal trainer works with the student for 30 minutes and will then be present for the first ten minutes of the golf portion of the session to ensure the student is able to achieve the positions desired within the golf swing. Their strengths and weaknesses are discussed and any existing limitations are noted by both coaches. The initial dual session also consists of acquiring pertinent baseline data from FlightScope and BodiTrak that will be used to formulate a plan going forward. We want each session to be very specific to one aspect of the swing.

In the past, we have had students in common, of course, and even collaborated on the range simultaneously with some of them. But we have not offered these unique back-to-back sessions until now. Inspired by facilities we’ve seen that have hitting bays and golf fitness tools in a common area, we felt tying the sessions together in such a manner will render maximum benefits to our students through the most effective communication and collaboration by our coaches.

As a new program, we offer these opportunities on specific days each week but plan on expanding the options as members understand the benefits and demand increases. Most of the students we have engaged through this program were already working with one of our professionals, who recognized the potential benefits to be gained by the student working with the other side of the program as well.

As we’ve been setting up our fitness room with hitting nets and preparing for this new program, much interest has come from individuals who haven’t been working with any of our coaches and now want to dive in for the complete package, a very positive indicator of member interest.

We also hope the popularity of this program and use of the makeshift space creates a desire among the members for a permanent indoor teaching space in the future.