Customer Engagement & Marketing:
Building a Medical Team Around Your Golfers

Brendan Miller is an athletic trainer at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and an Advanced Golf Performance Training Program student at California University of Pennsylvania.

As athletic trainers and golf fitness professionals, we bring a wealth of knowledge and serve our clients in a variety of ways. From the treatment of injuries to teaching proper nutrition, we are a vital component of their progress in the game. Through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), we are taught the importance of staying in our own lane and building a team of instructors, medical experts and fitness professionals to serve the many needs of our clients. We must know our scope of practice and refer to other professionals to care for our athletes when necessary. Creating a great referral system and network is beneficial to all parties involved.

I have learned the importance of a comprehensive medical team while working as an athletic trainer at Rothman Orthopaedics. Working for the world’s most extensive full-service orthopaedic practice makes it easier to build that web of medical professionals to whom you can refer your athletes. With so many professionals at my fingertips, I can introduce my clients to sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, registered dieticians, chiropractors, optometrists and psychologists, as well as others. Additionally, I can follow along with their needs and progress.

Building an extensive network of specialists is essential to offer a comprehensive player development program, and we can do this in various ways. Social media is an excellent tool to connect with professionals in your area and all over the globe, while professional events are a great way to meet other experts in your associated field. Look to connect with local specialists – plan a phone call or meeting to introduce yourself, and explain what you do and how you can help their golf clients, or how they can help yours. Host a meet and greet at your business so your team can meet each other and also network among themselves. It can also give your clients a chance to meet the specialists they might use in the future.

Create a medical team around your golfers to provide this holistic approach. Your clients will enjoy a higher quality of life through health and wellness, and you will add value to your professional services. Together, we can generate business through referrals and shared clients, working together with the best interest of our golfers in mind.