Customer Engagement & Marketing:
From the Gym to the Golf Course

Kelsey Jo Holsten is an independent certified barre and yoga instructor and the PGA Golf Shop Manager at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach, California.

As the golf shop manager at Monterey Peninsula Country Club, my duties are primarily related to the retail operation, which as it currently stands has a limited golf fitness presence. We do a brisk business with sales of Theragun, but are not carrying golf fitness-related apparel yet.

I started teaching yoga after battling some back injuries, while seeking an outlet that would help me feel physically better. My injuries and limitations dissipated and I discovered just how effective yoga could be against some of the more common golf-related injuries. As a certified barre and yoga instructor, all of my fitness engagement with clients is off-course, and much of that instruction has been via a digital platform, mostly Zoom and social media.

With fitness becoming an integral component in many player development programs, I have been able to transition my fitness clients into golf, growing the game with a group of health-conscious, physical fitness-minded individuals who may not have considered playing golf in the past, but have started playing under my tutelage, and they’re loving the challenge that golf poses to one’s physical and mental capabilities.

In addition, there are motions and movements in our barre instruction that mirror those of the golf swing. Unfortunately, many of the clients in my classes had never considered playing golf. But after testing their body’s limits in the gym or via other forms of physical fitness, I challenge them to do so on the golf course.

Through the relationships I have established, I enjoy an open invitation to utilize a local studio to conduct classes, and introduce golf fitness to individuals of all ages, creating a positive energy around the game. I strive to eliminate the intimidation and doubt that hinder the progress and enjoyment of so many golfers.

These efforts have even extended to the other instructors at the studio and now we have a great (and growing) community of golfers. Connecting golf and fitness opens up an array of opportunities for individuals in both arenas, and really does have a place in any player development