Customer Engagement & Marketing:
Know Your Audience and Plan Accordingly

Tasha Bohlig, (far left) the 2019 Southern California PGA Section Teacher of the Year, is the PGA Director of Instruction and Nika Eshetu is a Golf Fitness Specialist at El Caballero Country Club in Tarzana, California.

Our fitness staff is trained and certified to provide an exceptional fitness experience every time members visit. Several years ago, we attended TPI Level 1 training and were instantly motivated to facilitate an array of group programming. Our goal was to offer “something for everyone,” and we tried to put a regular calendar of group fitness programming in place, but it wasn’t well-received by members. It turned out members didn’t prefer the group setting – what they craved was one-on-one engagement, and they were willing to pay more for individualized attention with fitness programs designed specifically for them. When we inquired about why members chose as they did, they literally told us they wanted the sessions to be about them. With this in mind, we set out to conduct personalized assessments to maximize results in the setting that our members felt most comfortable.

The activities conducted within our members’ individualized programs are strictly geared toward their body. We focus on their strengths, as well as their deficiencies in order to improve movement, balance and flexibility. Our individualized sessions allow them privacy in their fitness training throughout their journey to better health and better golf. This enables them to come out with their best foot forward when it’s time to play golf with their friends.

Our discretion when it comes to the members’ needs has allowed us to build trust and for them to gain confidence in the two of us. They don’t mind when we see the leaps, as well as the false starts along the way. In our minds, that is a powerful trust that we’ve earned over our many years at our facility. Though they prefer private engagement on the fitness side, our members thrive in the group setting in their golf instruction.

We have learned over time that it is vital to “know your audience” and put programming in place that they desire and will take part in. Use surveys and get feedback from members about their preferences, and your process in putting a programming calendar together will be much easier.