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Master Your Golf Game This Winter With a Focused Off-season Program

Bryant Sharifi is the Co-Founder of Perform For Life – Perform For Golf in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

Off-season training can be very beneficial for many die-hard golfers. At Perform for Golf, we’ve put together some off-season programming that is designed to help our clients stay on top of their game and make the most of the winter months.

With golf courses in many regions becoming inaccessible due to harsh conditions and cold temperatures, golfers must stay in shape and continue improving their skills in a non-traditional golfing environment. Off-season training can be the key to a successful golf season, ensuring that golfers continue to progress and improve year-round.

Perform for Golf’s off-season program is explicitly tailored to golfers, addressing the sport’s unique physical and mental demands. Here’s what sets our program apart:

Physical Conditioning – Our program includes golf-specific strength and flexibility exercises that target the muscles and movements crucial for a successful golf swing. We work on enhancing the client’s core strength, balance and flexibility to improve their swing mechanics.

Indoor Simulators – We offer access to indoor golf simulators to keep the client’s swing in rhythm. This allows them to work on their swing mechanics, ball striking and shot-shaping, even when the golf course is covered in snow.

Mental Toughness Training – Golf is as much a mental game as a physical one. Our program includes mental training sessions to help golfers sharpen their focus, maintain confidence and develop a robust and resilient mindset.

Personalized Coaching – One of the standout features of Perform for Golf’s off-season program is our commitment to personalized coaching. We understand that every golfer is unique, and our experienced coaches will work closely with each individual to tailor the program to their specific goals and needs.

Building a Strong Foundation – The off-season is the ideal time to build a strong foundation for one’s golf game. Whether the client is a beginner or a seasoned golfer, our program will help them develop good habits and techniques that will serve them well when returning to the golf course in the spring.

Setting Goals and Tracking Progress – At Perform for Golf, we believe in setting clear goals and tracking progress. We help our clients establish achievable milestones and regularly evaluate their performance, ensuring they’re continually advancing.

This time of year doesn’t have to be a period when your clients’ golf games hibernate and their skills take a step back. With Perform for Golf’s off-season program, we give our clients the opportunity to take their game to the next level by enhancing their physical and mental skills, building a strong foundation and developing their confidence for the upcoming golf season.