Customer Engagement & Marketing:
Our Goal is to Change the eXperience of Delivering RESULTS

Reggie Williams is the Founder of BodyLab Golf Performance eXperience in Charleston, South Carolina.

As a Performance Coach and gym owner, I found myself striving to build a business based on someone else’s vision and vehicle. My true desire was to assist more individuals in achieving and maintaining their fitness goals, alleviating the need for the intensive one-on-one sessions I was conducting with private clients and instead making a broader impact.

I yearned to establish a hybrid model, one that would enable me to train anyone, anywhere, at any time. Additionally, I dreamed of traversing the globe, working with clients in exotic locales. However, I grappled with the challenge of distributing a system that could deliver proven practices to the masses. This obstacle hindered my ability to create the envisioned hybrid model or to travel to such locations to work with clients.

Compounding my frustrations, I felt a profound sense of disappointment witnessing less effective fitness programs succeed, particularly those I had contributed to developing. It seemed as though I was neglecting my true calling.

Dedicating significant time and mental energy to roles in other companies prevented me from fully focusing on spreading the BodyLab Golf Performance eXperience. Consequently, when numerous clients sought assistance with their fitness goals, I took a leap of faith and launched BodyLab. This move, however, not only disrupted my primary income source but also demanded 100 percent of my attention to help my members reach their goals.

Then, serendipitously, a remarkable event occurred…

At this juncture, I harnessed fifteen years of best practices, cutting-edge behavioral and physical training methods, technological advancements and our extensive network to construct a transformative system. I realized that achieving results wasn’t solely about spending endless hours in the gym but about providing accountability and guidance as a coach, even without physically counting reps.

The path to delivering tangible results in a short timeframe became clear. By swiftly getting individuals back on the golf course and demonstrating the benefits of their overall fitness regimen, I recognized the necessity of optimizing the body, rather than solely focusing on refining the golf swing itself. Drawing from my experiences in various sports, I narrowed my focus to the mechanics of the golf swing and its demands on the body.

Upon adopting this approach, I witnessed numerous clients achieving significant results after just one training session. Subsequently, I found myself being approached by golfers, golf professionals and other companies, such as GolfForever, seeking collaboration.

This realization led me to understand that while building a business based on someone else’s vision and vehicle, fundamental practices existed that golfers could incorporate to enhance their performance, increase distance and accuracy and minimize discomfort.

I devised a plan to assess players and identify weaknesses in their swing mechanics. Implementing TPI movement screens, we then addressed the identified issues with simple mobility or activation exercises and designed a plan to support and enhance other areas.

However, each new client’s immediate gains posed a challenge. Due to my executive role, I lacked the time to personally coach them all. Despite the evident demand and results, I found myself unable to provide the necessary assistance.

Frustrated by this limitation, I made the difficult decision to part ways with the company I was associated with, dedicating my time and focus entirely to implementing a system that could help as many people as possible. Thus, “BodyLab Golf Performance eXperience” was born. We aimed to create a platform allowing golfers to train and assess themselves anywhere, anytime, in less time than it takes to hit a bucket of balls at the range, supplemented by luxury golf retreats worldwide.

After years of training tens of thousands of clients, experimenting and earning multiple certifications, we finally realized our vision with the creation of BodyLab Golf Performance eXperience.

Through BodyLab Golf Performance eXperience, I not only coach players globally but also transcend geographical limitations, enabling golfers worldwide to achieve tangible results swiftly.

Ultimately, this journey enabled me to fulfill my purpose while traversing the world, embodying the essence of my existence.

Our pilot Drive30 Challenge will be launching on June 1st and will give exclusive access to our BodyLab Golf Performance app. Readers can follow my brand new YouTube channel here, and they can sign up here to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the “5 Best Warmup Movements for Golfers” and stay up to date on our latest services, Golf Pro Tour eXperiences and news.