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Performance Golf Camp

Dr. Alison Curdt, the 2015 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, 2016 Southern California PGA Section Teacher of the Year and 2019 Section Golf Professional of the Year, is the PGA Director of Instruction at Wood Ranch Golf Club in Simi Valley, California.

Though fitness is an important aspect of my player development programing with students, I haven’t collaborated with coaches in other disciplines before. The idea of creating a Performance Golf Camp that would provide a holistic experience for golfers was brought to my attention a few months ago by Michelle Winkler, a PGA Professional and the Head Women’s Golf Coach at California State University Northridge.

I have been working with Michelle’s players on swing mechanics and mental coaching, and as we started to talk about other ways that we could make an impact, we thought about pooling our resources and utilizing the many contacts we have in the industry to create an intensive two-day camp for golfers to help them become their best. We discussed what a golfer really needs to be successful at the top level – mental game, fitness and nutrition, swing mechanics, bio mechanics and ground reaction forces.

We compiled a team of professionals from throughout the Los Angeles area who would bring their expertise to these areas of engagement. In addition to me and Michelle, the lineup includes:

• Dr. Scott Lynn – Swing Catalyst R&D Director

• Dana Dahlquist – World-renowned golf instructor

• Andrea Doddato – A Top 50 Best Fitness Professional and Trainer

What was just an idea last summer, became reality once we assembled this team, set the date and started promoting the camp in October. Geared towards low- and mid-handicap players who are seeking resources that will help propel their game to the next level, the Performance Golf Camp is slated for December 28 and 29. We’re targeting golfers who want to play collegiately, in high-level amateur tournaments or even professionally, as well as those who want to vie for their club championship or simply play the best golf they can.

Participation for the two-day camp will be limited to 20 students, allowing our team to divide them into small groups that will rotate from station to station every hour during the morning sessions, followed by afternoon on-course play with each coach on hand.

Technology will be a big part of the sessions, as Dr. Scott Lynn provides an extensive analysis on each student using Swing Catalyst. I will address the mental side of the game with Focusband and Opti Brain, teaching students how to learn to practice more diligently with some mental drills.

We will then focus on fitness and nutrition with Andrea Doddato and the GOLFFOREVER System, assessing every student and isolating their strengths and weaknesses. She will prescribe a plan to help their bodies remain healthy and injury-free for continued development and strength. Finally, we’ll have a short game area to help them improve the vital chipping and pitching skills that could make or break their long-term success in the game.

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