Customer Engagement & Marketing:
The Principles of GOATA Movement Explained

Hunter Gathright is a Partner and the Lead Instructor at Gathright Golf at Sweetwater Country Club in Sugar Land, Texas.

At Gathright Golf, we cover golf instruction, fitness and recovery, athletic training and TruSpeed® Golf overspeed training. Gathright Golf integrates the foundational principles of GOATA Movement – Greatest of All-Time Actions utilized by the Greatest of All-Time Athletes – into all of its fitness and training regimens.

GOATA Movement has been the foundation of our fitness and training for three years, providing a simplistic, all-encompassing lifestyle approach to fitness and movement, blending beautifully with our foundations of golf instruction. We are able to provide our athletes with simple regimens and tips for better movement and resting behaviors to help keep their bodies pain-free and make them move better on and off the course.

Our coaches maximize performance while increasing durability by detecting the root causes of movement issues with our athletes. Once problems are identified, golfers are able to make changes in their movement and resting behaviors and implement positive changes in their daily lives. All of our coaches approach golf instruction and fitness from a cause-based analysis. We use a slow-motion video screening process to help discover how each athlete’s body behaves at rest, standing and moving through space.

Our coaches look at standing posture from all four angles, looking carefully at both columns, and identify any compression that exists in the body at rest. From there, we assess the person’s squat and hinge to help identify errors that may present themselves when loading/absorbing or releasing pressure. We confirm those behaviors in the movement by assessing the walk, run and swing. Our ability to identify and attack the root cause of troublesome behaviors enables us to help make lasting improvements in both athletic performance and quality of life.

We believe footwork and a stable base are essential to successful performance in golf. The “Global Laws of GOATA” provide fundamental principles, one of which being Foot Control, thus making our training disciplines match our instruction philosophy perfectly.

One of the many advantages of GOATA is that the workouts can be done anywhere with little to no equipment, eliminating the need to have access to a gym or traditional workout equipment. The ability to do a workout regimen at home in less than 30 minutes makes our clients far more likely to be diligent in their goals of being a GOATA on a daily basis. Most people have great intentions, but life tends to get in the way. An at-home program is much easier and more-often followed. We also notice that GOATA creates a culture in which our athletes constantly look out for each other and are checking to make sure that their friends and family are doing things to keep them “GOATA” instead of “WOATA.”

The implementation of the global laws of GOATA Movement in all of our golf programs promotes healthy movement patterns that give all golfers the opportunity to train for durability, on and off the course. Our goal is to create the greatest opportunity for longevity in our clients by creating the most durable, explosive, injury-resistant athletes who move confidently through life pain-free.

One of our biggest success stories is Connor Smith (pictured), a high school golfer who I diagnosed with a collapse of his right ankle and compression in his right side which was causing unexplained shoulder pain. Connor’s family was spending thousands of dollars on therapy and recovery modalities, with no long-term improvement. After his GOATA assessment, Connor began a simple groundwork regimen to decompress the system and started to change the structural performance of his body and has now been pain free for over two years and will be playing golf at Texas State University this fall.

Another great success story is Epson Tour Player Gabby Lemieux (pictured). Gabby was having trouble holding the ground with her left foot in her squat/hinge and when she walked/ran/swung, which was causing unexplained numbness in her left calf and leg. After implementing her GOATA regimen, the numbness she was experiencing began diminishing in less than four weeks and disappeared completely in less than three months. Once the numbness was gone, she made her first cut in the next event on the Epson Tour and is “feeling the best she has in a long time.”

After spending the past six years immersing myself in the fitness and movement industry, GOATA Movement has made me understand that pain and movement errors stem from compression in the body, and I work to give each individual a fully decompressed system, which allows for the most access to safe and healthy mobility in the joints. Gathright Golf has had great success applying GOATA principles to clients ranging from children to seniors.