Customer Engagement & Marketing:
Virtual Golf Fitness Engagement

Carrie O’Rourke is the owner of COR Golf Fitness in Commerce, Michigan.

COR Golf Fitness is unique in that I engage with clients at their country clubs, courses or gyms, but conduct 90 percent of my instruction virtually with a 90-day online program that focuses on golf flexibility and speed for golfers age 45 and over, so they can play with less pain and more power.

The framework by which I have structured my business was initiated by the limitations and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With most fitness professionals at gyms and performance studios losing their jobs in 2020, some of us made a conscious effort to pivot to a different business model, and as a result, my business is significantly different than it was two or three years ago, and it’s been a great success.

Gearing my program to a specific age group has enabled me to connect with this demographic and combat what ails them during a round of golf – stamina, back issues, reduced flexibility and power. After years as a personal trainer, I delved more into the golf aspect of performance training as my own sons became high-level golfers in their own right.

My curriculum is a pre-recorded program, with one-on-one coaching along the way. It does not encompass individual training live over Zoom or FaceTime, but is a structured agenda that clients follow at home and reach out to me with questions during the 90-day program period. I’ll work with them on any modifications needed, as well as motivation and accountability to ensure they get the most out of their time in the program. This differs a bit from the more common structure of live Zoom calls, etc., but it works for me and has been highly-effective with my clients.

With the demographic to which my 90-day virtual golf fitness program is geared, Facebook is the predominant method of attracting new clientele. I’ve used Instagram over the years, but have discovered that Facebook is where I should focus the majority of my time and attention in continually building my client base. It also gives my past and existing clients a forum to tout their success stories, further promoting my efforts to help these golfers play better and with less pain.

Although the intended age of my clients is higher than many fitness professionals are focusing, the skill level of those I work with is better than you’d expect. Most of my students shoot between 75 and 85, with virtually all of them breaking 100 on a consistent basis. This group, which is 90 percent male, is serious about their golf games and health, and they are eager to attain the benefits promised through my program.

Each new relationship starts with a Zoom call that enables me to understand their goals in golf. Beside for golfers with drastic ailments or physical limitations, my 90-day program works for almost every individual who I speak with in those initial calls. As mentioned, I may offer modifications within the coaching program, and am accessible within the timeframe of the program.

The program covers everything from the science behind the swing to nutrition and proper hydration. Clients navigate through the program in the proper order to cover each topic in the intended amount of time and in the most effective sequence of engagement. I’ll tweak content as needed and provide updates accordingly. After all, I’ve invested in myself to learn this content and how to communicate it in an impactful manner that gets results for my clients.

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