Customer Engagement:
Online Resources to Boost Engagement

Travis Burkybile is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Park Cities Personal Training in Dallas, Texas.

My background in fitness is as a one-on-one coach, working closely with my clients to help them achieve their goals. I learned early in my career that you have to meet people where they are, not geographically, but in a readiness sense, addressing their current level of fitness training to effectively help them through the rest of the journey.

With many of my clients being golfers who want to be more competitive, I have recently increased my golf fitness training to help them reach those higher levels of fitness, while also working with golfers 50 and over to keep them playing pain free and doing the things that they want to do.

With these goals in mind, my online presence must reflect these initiatives. As a TPI-certified expert, I have acquired several new clients via the Titleist Performance Institute website. When promoting your services online, it is important to tell people what you can do for them in a short bio. Can you help them play pain-free? Do you have a remedy that improves power and distance? This is more effective than simply stating the certifications you’ve earned. Potential new clients want to feel like you are the right coach for them – one who has solutions to their problems and needs. Keep it simple and specific.

In addition, I have my own business under the moniker, The Flexin’ Texan. As a kid from Illinois, I decided to take advantage of the Texas pride that emanates throughout my new home state to create an image of strength that I want my clients to feel after every session together. In fact, to further buoy my golf fitness presence, I am working on an online follow-along course called Fast Golf Fit, geared specifically around golf fitness.

These days people are so tied up with other commitments that they sometimes don’t have the opportunity to come to the club and spend an hour or so. So, my program will introduce some basic principles and enable them to spend 15 minutes per day at home to improve their body’s strength and flexibility. This information will also be teased on my Instagram platform to promote the purchase of my program.

In addition to driving increased engagement with my growing roster of clients, the online program will also serve as a secondary revenue producer, a necessity triggered by the pandemic and a vital lesson many of us have learned over the past two years.