Fitness & Performance Centers:
A New Fitness Facility and Increased Member Engagement

Ken Shigley Jr. is a Titleist Performance Coach and the Founder of Pick Your Fitness ATL, located at the Capital City Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

As I celebrate a decade since founding my health and wellness company, Pick Your Fitness ATL, I am based out of the prestigious Capital City Club, where I help members and clients attain their fitness and wellness goals. With services that address everything from disease prevention to better performance on the golf course, I have put programs in place that help members eat better, exercise more and maximize the best things in life, on the golf course and off.
Capital City Club has over 2,000 members who enjoy three campuses in the City of Atlanta and its nearby suburbs. Our fitness facility had become outdated, and with the success of fitness, and in my case, golf fitness, over the past few years, we really outgrew the space. It had been some time since any renovations had been done, and some of the equipment we were using needed to be updated.

I met with our Health and Fitness Director, Jennifer Polic, who agreed that we needed an upgrade and had some input in selecting new equipment. I provided feedback on what I felt the club needed to make the new space as golf-related as possible. After all, our golf performance programming is among the most popular at Capital City Club and a huge source of revenue for the fitness center.

With a new fitness center in the works, we have been working out of a temporary studio for the past two years. Although the lack of showers and other customary amenities in the temporary space kept some members away, my golf performance programming thrived as we’ve continued to enjoy an influx of new and returning golfers post-COVID, as well as increased play from our already die-hard golfers.

We officially opened the doors to our new fitness center early last month and had a more formal unveiling later in April. Roughly three-quarters of the members came to the club on Founders Day to see the new fitness center and learn about the increased programming that we’ll offer in the new space, and I gave away Masters Tournament gifts and prizes and promoted my social media channels so members could easily stay abreast of my golf performance programming.
The new fitness center has a cardio room that’s doubled in size and is now full of Technogym cardio and golf-related equipment. We also have balance equipment, slam balls and an array of other tools specifically geared towards golf performance training. With some new machines that we didn’t have before, new programming opportunities are available. After all, with the diverse demographic and skill level of my golf clients, I’ll be better able to serve their needs with new equipment and increased golf fitness programming.

My client roster is ever-increasing, and much of that success comes from collaboration with our PGA of America Golf Professionals who are working with members on their swing or general golf game. When they have students who are having issues getting into various desired positions, they refer them to me to help with the body so they can subsequently help with the golf swing. I can do my job even better than before with exercises that members can do with the new equipment that we’ve got in-house.

Engagement and the level of programming with each member depends upon where they are starting out. Some skilled golfers who are in decent shape might only need one weekly session, whereas other members with ailments, old injuries, mobility limitations and such will surely benefit from more frequent sessions. I curate each program to the needs of the member, rather than offering the same curriculum to each individual, regardless of his or her situation.
I strive to educate members on how to use their body most effectively in the golf swing. You can be super fit and not know how to use the right muscles in the golf swing. In fact, I’ve had highly fit individuals complain of back pain after one round of golf and have to help them understand the sequence to maximize their strength and mobility. My collaboration with the golf instructors helps provide the full package for a client.