Fitness & Performance Centers:
Adapting to Serve New Clients

Mark DiNardo is the Owner of DiNardo Sports Performance in Lexington, Kentucky.

At DiNardo Sports Performance, we have provided personal training since 1999. Yet, it wasn’t until eight or nine years ago that we implemented golf fitness as a major menu option for our existing customers and potential new clientele. Identifying the limitations that hinder an effective golf swing, while helping people live healthier lives off the course, have opened our doors to a diverse new group of clients.

It has been nearly ten years since a client of mine told me about the Titleist Performance Institute and, after doing my research, I pursued certification and was blown away by TPI. Golf is now an important aspect of my business, as we serve juniors and adults, and some high-level players. In fact, we work with various high school and collegiate golfers who have literally grown up right here in our program.

When I first started my business, I rented space and served my clients from a couple of small private facilities. I found that not having to buy my own equipment was a smart and prudent path to growing my business. As I expanded my services to include group training for athletes, I sometimes had to adapt my own timetable to work around the schedules of the facility owners. As my athlete groups grew, the time restrictions became a bigger issue and I knew I needed to find my own training center. Attaining my own space would expand my availability and allow me to offer more options.

Adapting to change has been something that we’ve done well over the years. Implementing golf fitness, sharing gym space and ultimately filling our own facility with the right tools and equipment have been huge assets in our success. Now, with many dedicated clients, both adults and juniors, we offer group sessions and one-on-one engagement. We’ve even brought on a second full-time staff member and employ three part-time employees during the November to May peak season.

My first facility was only 1,400 square feet, which was easy to stock with the equipment we needed. However, COVID-19 forced me to adapt to a new location that tripled our size, allowing for even more options, but requiring additional equipment.

Our golf clientele is greater than ever and every new relationship starts with an extensive TPI screening. In addition, I have established great connections with local PGA Professionals who have encouraged their clients to check out our programming. What started as a general fitness business in rented gyms throughout Lexington more than 20 years ago, has grown into a dedicated performance and training center where our clients attain their goals and reach their fullest potential—both on and off the course.

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