Fitness & Performance Centers:
Bridging the Gap Between Fitness And Golf

Amanda Fishback is the Fitness Director at The Club at Ravenna in Littleton, Colorado.

With a background in fitness and yoga, I’ve been excited to grow our general fitness programming since coming on board at The Club at Ravenna in January of 2022. But we’re not just bringing more members into the fitness center, we’re also drawing an increased number of golfers with swing speed training and more conducted by Zane Bickler, one of our personal trainers who joined the team one year ago.

Zane’s knowledge of the golf swing and how what we do in the fitness center translates onto the golf course has given members a whole new path to lower scores and more fun playing the game. Zane has a background in baseball and understands the rotational aspect of the swing. With his TPI certification, Zane has been able to apply those concepts of the golf swing to generate efficiency and power through golf-specific actions.

He’s collaborating with our PGA Professionals to offer fitness packages that allow him to focus on any deficiencies or red flags that may exist. He takes his TPI assessment results to the golf pros, who will be able to tailor their instruction to the members’ capabilities and advance their goals as Zane’s efforts with the students pay dividends. The engagement between the fitness team and PGA Professionals eliminates any guesswork in the analysis. This is an excellent service for our members that we didn’t have at the beginning of 2022.

Speed training is a big part of this programming, but it also includes other aspects of golf fitness conditioning that members need help with – power, stamina, a more efficient swing, etc. We’ll cater a program that addresses their issues and considers their goals.

Once the plan is in progress, Zane will stay in contact with the golf pro to give updates on the clients’ status. Gaining each professional’s perspective provides him with a complete picture of where they are in their progress and what he still needs to work on with the member. We use the TPI app starting with the initial assessment and gauge their progress using the same technology, sharing results between the three parties so everyone is on the same page. Zane will reassess after 6-8 weeks to attain concrete results on progress made and revise the personalized plan as needed.

Prior to Zane coming to The Club at Ravenna, we had minimal golf fitness engagement and no collaboration with the golf professional team. He was really the missing piece of the puzzle and has become the bridge between fitness and golf.

We get the word out on golf fitness programming by offering monthly clinics that are promoted by Chris Collins, our Director of Communications and Technology. He emails the membership to initiate the word-of-mouth promotion that follows. Once a member sees the results that fellow members are achieving, they want to pursue a similar plan.

In addition to Zane’s efforts to grow this aspect of our fitness programming, we also have a contracted physical therapist, Dr. Chris Robl, owner of Physio Room, who is also TPI-certified. Dr. Robl will provide assessments and work with members and then refer them to Zane or other trainers based on their needs. This collaboration on multiple levels ensures our members are getting the very best treatment and sets them up for success on and off the golf course.