Fitness & Performance Centers:
Covering All the Bases

Blaine Seitz is the Owner of Tour Shot Golf and a Master Club Fitter at 2nd Swing Golf.

Tour Shot Golf is my online brand through which I coach people on five vital pillars – mindset, wellness, mobility, fitness and play. I also do course reviews, write a blog, dabble in podcasting and am a master club fitter at 2nd Swing Golf. I want to be a resource on all things golf that goes beyond the golf swing and addresses the many components of being a good golfer.

We often ask: Instruction or New Clubs? I focus on both, and more. In putting golfers into properly fit equipment, I also address some very important topics that are covered under my five pillars.

We discuss their diets and nutrition, their stress levels, practice methods and course management strategies. I even encourage meditation or some simple quiet time to help the body and mind reset from a long day.

I believe the future of golf instruction is a combination of group and private engagement, in-person and virtual sessions and a team approach to a holistic curriculum. Seeing great value in this model, I want to bring this kind of coaching experience to the masses at a cost that the everyday golfer can afford.

I believe that if you move better, you play better, and as such, I train golfers on improving their mobility at any given time. I feel it’s very important that people follow my Power Warm-Up Routine – 10 simple exercises or stretches that I believe everybody should do within an hour of waking up as part of their morning routine. I also tell my golfers to repeat the 5-10-minute process before they hit balls later that day, even if they did it that morning.

The effect you get from performing these tasks every day compounds over time, and it’s very simple. Each individual can determine how easy or difficult they want to make each exercise, meaning everyone is capable of performing the routine to some extent. They are specifically designed to increase mobility in the mobile parts of the body while increasing stability in the stable parts of the body. It works everything from head to toe and even serves as a morning meditation practice. When combined with breathwork, it gives the player 5-10 minutes in the morning to prep their body and get themselves into a good, positive mindset, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Over time, range of motion increases and you start to see better mobility through the shoulders and hips, a reduction in back pain and more flexibility to even touch your toes again. A lot of the issues we traditionally see in swing instruction start to go away as a result of doing these exercises every morning. A student may have a past injury that we need to rectify before he or she is able to attain the positions and movements needed in the golf swing. This focus also delves into their mindset in practice and play. Why are they struggling where they are? We get to the root cause to effectively fix the problem. There are no band aids in my instruction.

Here are the 10 exercises of the Power Warm-Up Routine:

Hand and Foot Circles (5-10 in each direction with each hand and foot) (Once proficient at both, do them at the same time.)

Arm Circles (5-10 in each direction with each arm)

Arm Raises (2 with each arm)

Flip Downs (10-20)

Divers Presses (2 or 4)

Toe Touch Sky Reach (6-10)

Power Side Bend (2 on each side)

Sling Twists (10-20)

Power Lunges (2-4 on each side)

Power Side Squats (2-4 on each side)

As you can see, I’m not working out of one fitness or performance center, but instead creating a community through online and in-person engagement. My dream is to create the world’s largest holistic golf academy, covering all aspects of golf instruction, as well as the many components of fitness, nutrition, health and wellness that make a person an athlete, and not just a golfer.