Fitness & Performance Centers:
Creating Your Own Fitness Space

Matt Preston is the Director of Performance and Lead Movement Specialist at West Coast Golf Academy in Medford, Oregon.

Located across four public golf courses in Southern Oregon, the West Coast Golf Academy (WCGA) offers a wide range of services that help golfers improve their technical game, as well as their health, wellness and mental side of golf.

Every new student relationship starts with a New Student Assessment, but until the fall of 2020, this evaluation did not include a fitness component. Today, the data derived from the fitness screen helps set the tone for the individualized plan that will be implemented for each client.

Including fitness in all lesson packages means we must have the facilities to accommodate these students. We utilize the range and practice areas at the four golf facilities, and maintain an ongoing relationship with two local Snap Fitness locations where we work with WCGA students on an array of fitness components and exercises.

In fact, every golf student in a coaching program with one of our PGA Professionals gets two fitness training sessions per month. These top-notch fitness facilities demonstrate the importance of fostering relationships across businesses in the community.

A new amenity recently built by academy owner and PGA Professional Noah Horstman, is The Golf Garage. Touted as the only indoor learning center in Southern Oregon, The Golf Garage offers golf simulation, an indoor putting green and additional practice space.

The Golf Garage also provides room for me to engage students. We have a full selection of medicine balls, foam rollers, bands and kettlebell weights. It’s an ideal setting during the winter months, as we collaborate on back-to-back sessions with students – I’ll often train clients who then move right into their golf lesson. It’s an effective demonstration of our versatility, and a great use of our time, as well as that of our students. They’re getting a lot more out of their lessons in this setting.

With several diverse environments in which to engage clients, the topics being covered and the student’s overall goals will often dictate where we hold our next session together. It’s great to have several fitness options, and the diversity is very beneficial to our clients, as we work on better posture, more attuned body awareness, balance, speed and strength.