Fitness & Performance Centers:
Expanding Your Physical Presence To Meet Your Clients’ Needs (Part 2)

Bryant Sharifi is the Co-Founder of Perform For Life – Perform For Golf in San Francisco, California and Oakland, California.

Like me, so many of our new golfers were former athletes in other sports. Our philosophy was to build upon the athletic prowess they already possessed as a key to unlocking their potential in golf. Today, you see golfers on the PGA and LPGA Tours doing exercises and workouts that golfers should have been doing 10 or 20 years ago. That frame of mind is now trickling down to the amateur ranks and the everyday golfer.

During the pandemic, I had gone back to school to complete my sports psychology graduate program and have implemented the mental side of golf into the Perform for Golf curriculum. Today, Perform For Golf is not just about preventing injury or recovering from injury. It’s more than helping the 20-handicap shoot his or her lowest score. It goes beyond training the athlete to be a better golfer. Sure, all of these have been vital steps in our progression, but today we are so much more.

We’ve hired PGA Professionals to analyze and teach the golf swing on our indoor golf simulator, and now focus on four pillars of golf performance: Golf Instruction, Mental Skills, Fitness/Nutrition and Recovery/Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention.

Although developing one’s mental skills on the golf course has proven merits and benefits in game improvement, some of our weekend warrior golfers tend to forego that aspect of our training, opting instead to focus on the golf swing instruction and potentially a little fitness to regain some distance that Father Time may have stolen. Our competitive golfers, juniors and even club members seeking their club championship will opt in to all aspects of our performance training, understanding the short- and long-term benefits of each. In some cases, our fitness clients already have a swing coach at their club and come to us to better their bodies and their minds, more than their golf swing itself.

Thirteen years after I co-founded Perform For Life with my wife, Justine, Perform For Golf is now a one-stop shop golf performance center. We cater to everything a golfer needs to improve their game.

Looking ahead, we’ve experienced such growth that we’re pursuing another location to exclusively serve our golf clients. This Perform for Golf facility will have everything we need to continue the substantial growth we’ve seen since acquiring our first facility in 2014 and starting Perform For Golf in 2016.

In addition to me being a strength and mental skills coach, the rest of our golf movement specialists team now includes:

• Byron Schlagenhauf – golf pro and technical coach

• Zachary Hurley – strength and conditioning coach

• Brandon Woo – mobility and strength coach

• Scott Lawson – strength coach

• Mandy Preston – golf swing coach

• Angus Lee – PGA Associate Professional golf swing coach

• Dr. Scott Mills – chiropractor

Lastly, I received a call from a representative from the LPGA in the summer of 2022. Lydia Ko, who now splits time between Florida and the Bay Area of California, where her husband is from, was looking for someone to work with in between tournaments. It wasn’t long before I got another call – this one from Lydia Ko herself. She had some questions, which I answered on the phone, and she came in for a workout to see if we were a good fit. Since that time, we work together every day when she’s in town and in November, she regained the #1 world ranking that she had held on two previous occasions.

I feel my success is a result of my education. After all, education is a value of mine. I love learning and continuously growing. With so much information out there, there’s always more to learn, and that applies to any field or industry. Staying sharp in our industry is important because we’re working with others, on their bodies, their minds and their health and wellness. At Perform For Life – Perform For Golf, we started modestly and continue to grow.

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