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Golf and Conditioning Boot Camp

Reggie Williams is the Fitness Director at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado and Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado.

Diversity in training is often the key to keeping students engaged and attracting additional clients to your programs. We’re implementing a collaborative Off-Season Golf & Conditioning Boot Camp that will incorporate golf skills and fitness exercises into one 4-week package with the goal of fixing participants’ golf swings and their bodies, as well.

Planned and conducted with our PGA Teaching Professional Dustin Miller, this program will meet twice a week for a month on the range at Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado. If necessary, we’ll move it inside to our fitness facility.

The eight 1-hour training sessions will include juniors and adults, and involve 30 minutes of strength, power and conditioning work with me, and 30 minutes of golf mobility and technical skills instruction with Dustin. We’ll also incorporate the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainers into our bi-weekly agenda.

With a maximum group of eight golfers, we anticipate multiple 4-week sessions happening simultaneously. We might have eight juniors in one class, eight women in another and eight men in yet another. The format will be quite uniform across all segments, with tweaks in the details based on individuals’ body type (fitness) and handicap (golf).

The sessions will have a combine feel, with TPI-type power training and a movement analysis and assessment done on each student from the outset so they can see their progression throughout the four weeks. We’ll open up the program to all members, as our target audience will be beginners to advanced golfers, and we’ll cater the training to each individual.

As the program grows, we’ll consider offering Level II sessions and beyond to always give members something new to pursue so they don’t get stagnant in their training or pursuit of game improvement.

With an already-vigorous one-on-one schedule with members, Dustin and I are seeking ways to engage

I have previously written about our stellar fitness center, opened late last year. With the installation of such great Technogym technology came an increase in general fitness and golf performance training. Moving this new program onto the range helps tie in the connection between golf and fitness.

Whether you’re fortunate to have state-of-the-art facilities like ours, or that’s still in your future, you can engage golfers in fitness curricula and collaborate with your PGA Professionals in doing so. Whether on the range or in an unused ballroom somewhere at your club, creativity and diversity are the name of the game when retaining students and engaging new ones. more of them in a group setting.

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