Fitness & Performance Centers:
Grow Your Fitness Center

Michael Katz is the Owner/Operator and Lead Trainer at MAD Fitness in Southampton, Pennsylvania.

With less than 1,000 square feet, maximizing space is extremely important to me. As a big proponent of bodyweight and loaded movement training, I prioritized having an open floor plan at my facility, while spontaneously providing many options in the latest equipment for restorative exercise and golf fitness. Adequate room is essential when training for any rotary sport to be able to move around unobstructed. Having this hardware along the perimeter leaves maximum room to facilitate assessment tasks, athletic drills, medicine ball throws, speed work, loaded movement and balance training.

We have packed a lot of quality equipment into a small space, including a squat rack, pullup bar, functional trainer, adjustable dumbbells, trap bar deadlift area, kettle bell rack, sandbags, med-balls and a ski-erg for multiplanar cardio training. We also have two pneumatic resistance-based performance trainers – cable stations that provide air-pressurized resistance with constant tension throughout the entire range of motion of the exercise.

Our jump station focuses on lower body power assessments and extensive plyometrics work. This leads into a dedicated stretch zone and shoulder care area where we have a crossover band setup for shoulder stability and a bioelectrical impedance analysis tool for body compositional measurements.

A separate room includes four stations for semi-private training, each containing a bench, bands, weights and its own cardio station with air bike, air-powered elliptical, rower and treadmill. The center of the space contains a suspension training rig and a reactive trainer apparatus. The training even extends outdoors into a grass area where I hold charity events, yoga classes and coach clients on sled work. I’ve acquired equipment over time as my business grew. Pairing these tools with a sound training philosophy leads to meeting every one of my clients’ goals.

At MAD Fitness, we like to say the most important piece of equipment you have is your body. For me, the greatest value comes from improving my clients’ lives through health and movement. I am fortunate to have many long-term clients, and continually welcome more. I also partner with local PGA Professionals seeking a fitness component for their junior golfers.

My clientele is diverse – some want to feel better after playing 18 holes, while others just want to hit the ball farther. Other customers come to me for nutrition, orthopedic exercise, general health and wellness or performance training in other sports.

My success is rooted in education and experience; but it’s also attributable to the relationships that I’ve built, and the facility I’ve patiently created over time. As my clientele grows, so does my facility, which holds the tagline “fit for golf, fit for life.” Thankfully, both sides of the business are flourishing, as people continue to seek improvements in their golf game, as well as their overall health and wellness.