Fitness & Performance Centers:
Partnerships in Golf Fitness

Adam Betz, the 2020 Gateway PGA Section Player Development Award winner, is the PGA Owner at Family Golf and Learning Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Jon Benne is the Owner of Elevated Performance in Des Peres, Missouri.

When we opened Family Golf and Learning Center three years ago, we aimed to provide an elevated practice experience. With our vision and philosophy in place, we want to be the best training ground for golfers in the Midwest, and we strive to earn this claim by offering coaching in all aspects of the game. With nine golf instructors, we have decades of golf expertise to make our golfers better.

In today’s dynamic environment, however, it takes a more holistic approach to game improvement to be truly effective, and that means understanding how proper fitness affects one’s golf game, and facilitating that progress via the many unique services we provide.

Through our partnership with Dr. Michael Murphy of Performance Chiropractic, customers can get screened to determine how their body may be hindering the progress they seek in their game. In addition, our new fitness center, and partnership with Jon Benne and Elevated Performance are changing the way golfers think about game improvement. The body plays a huge role in developing an effective, repeatable golf swing, and Jon is our golfers’ fitness solution.

Getting golfers to go from the range to the gym starts with awareness and communication. The new fitness center opened in late 2020 amid the pandemic, but with COVID-19 cases in a steady decline, we’re finally able to offer the programs and services we had in mind when we first considered this collaboration a couple of years ago.

With 2,200 square feet, we have a full gym setup with turf to warm up, a large rack of dumbbells, squat rack, rowing machine, two pulley stations to focus on rotational work, a medicine ball wall and plenty of training aids. We’re not lacking any tools.

Most of our fitness training is one-on-one, but we do have Yoga for Golfers classes every Thursday and Saturday. We also have a series of junior golf programs this summer that will teach kids how to control their bodies and how to be aware of their body movement. That’s going to help them move more efficiently like athletes and increase their balance within their golf swing.

Collaboration is key to our early success. New student engagement starts with an initial evaluation that includes an extensive TPI screening, after which our fitness team shares a summary of information with their golf professional, including video and TrackMan analysis.

We tout ourselves as the place that has every resource to help golfers reach their potential. With the people, programming and facilities that we’ve put in place, we can make that claim with confidence.