Fitness & Performance Centers:
When It’s Time to Upgrade

Ray Bikulcius is a Golf Fitness Specialist at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado, and Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado.

I’ve enjoyed four great years at my current facility, and have been fortunate to grow our fitness and, more specifically, our golf fitness presence over that time. With a fitness center that needed modernization, we assumed an upgrade and renovation would be the catalyst to boost golf fitness participation, engagement and awareness. However, it happened the other way around.

After years of increasing consciousness, education and promotion of the benefits of golf fitness on one’s swing and overall health, we recently celebrated the opening of our refurbished and updated fitness center.

When I came on board four years ago, there was no golf fitness programming, and antiquated facilities caused our overall fitness offerings to fall behind. As a local high school golf coach and fitness professional, I enjoy singing the praises of golf fitness to my students, clients and members.

To bridge the gap between golf and fitness, I have been lucky to collaborate with our PGA Director of Instruction Dustin Miller in helping educate members and golfers about fitness, and why it should be a part of their game improvement regimen. This affiliation between professionals at our club is done with members’ best interest in mind to develop fitness engagement, and now to promote our new performance center.

In addition, I have offered free seminars and educational opportunities that bring attention to the basics of fitness and how it affects one’s golf performance. This enlightening of our membership is a huge component of our growth, both in programming and in the fitness center in general.

The new facility was in discussion for almost two years, ensuring staff was on board and our members were excited about the opportunities that increased fitness programming could bring. COVID-19 also slowed the process, of course. The new space is much larger than before with beautiful new flooring and innovative new equipment. With top-of-the-line cardio equipment, weights and strength training tools and training aids that help golfers specifically, we have everything we need to grow our golf fitness presence even more. With collaboration between our golf and fitness teams, we’re actively sharing our knowledge and passion for fitness.

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