GFAA Best Practice: Add a Fitness Element to Your Launch Monitor Testing

Craig Allan is the Golf Performance Center Director and Master Clubfitter at the Sea Island Golf Club in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Craig Allan on the importance of adding a fitness element to your launch monitor testing:

Over the past 10 years of using TrackMan, we have come to value the benefit of coupling a fitness element to the fitting and teaching aspect. We utilize this technology by offering an initial speed and distance test. Our golf fitness specialists and full swing instruction team then work on flexibility and technique. We have found that the key for us is customizing the fitness program to the golfers’ needs, with important factors being goals, time, physical tools and feedback from their full swing instructor. The program begins with a half-hour fitness assessment followed by a full swing lesson. The program will continue until the golf fitness team and instruction team are comfortable with the golfer’s measured progress that is gained through another test while also fitting for a driver to maximize distance gain and overall performance.

Craig Allan on the business impact of using Launch Monitor Technology along with Fitness:

We have grown our business every year from an instruction, clubfitting and fitness standpoint. Our golf fitness specialists train more than 4,000 hours per year working to help golfers become stronger, more flexible and efficient. As fitness continues to become a bigger part of the game, we have continued to streamline our programs with our Director of Golf Fitness, Randy Myers and Senior Golf Fitness Specialist, Tom Hemmings, to incorporate technology. Our holistic approach requires our team of specialists to work together to greatly benefit the student, which in turn also increases revenues in all areas. By having golf-specific fitness in our Golf Performance Center, our foot traffic has more than doubled. This traffic has led to more engagement from our members and guests, resulting in continued growth in our overall business. As both a resort and a private club, having these resources has been invaluable in elevating the experience. The end-result is a fit, happier and more-engaged golfer, which is everything a facility could hope for.

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