GFAA Best Practice: Create Value Through Collaboration

Dr. Bradley Borne is a Wellness Advisor, Golf Performance Specialist and Sports Medicine Therapist at B. Borne Wellness in New York City.

Dr. Bradley Borne on the importance of creating value through collaboration:

When I came to New York City from Aspen almost a decade ago, I had a reliable network of professional contacts in Colorado. It was that framework that I sought to not only emulate, but grow even bigger in New York. As I engaged with members of the facility where I worked, my network started to grow. To provide superior service to our clients, I began accompanying them to their orthopedic doctor visits and started to meet the best doctors in Manhattan. As we got to know each other, and I was able to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise, these doctors began seeking my services for their patients – injury prevention mostly and corrective exercise when needed, leading to many long-term relationships. As my client roster in New York grew, I wanted to provide an array of exceptional services for them – the complete package, concierge-like if you will. As it pertains to their health and wellness, there is nothing I won’t do for my clients. Collaborating with doctors, nutritionists, therapists, trainers and PGA Professionals has created a network of experts to whom I can refer my clients when their needs warrant. After all, I am one who appreciates the experience and expertise that individual professionals can bring to the table, and collaborating with experts from throughout the industry is the most effective programming that I can provide my clients.

Dr. Bradley Borne on the business impact of creating value through collaboration:

Now, after many years in New York, I keep a very focused, streamlined list of clients, not over-extending myself or lessening the time and effort I have to dedicate to them. And as such, this is a committed group of individuals who put the effort in to perform at their very best, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I steer away from one-off engagement with new clients, unless I think it’s going to lead to a broader, long-term relationship. I want to be authentic and am not looking to provide a one-stop shop, as much as I’m developing a full-service health and wellness network from which every one of my clients will benefit. By surrounding myself with the best people, we are a team that takes care of our collective clientele, doing what each of us does best. This is an incredible added value for any professional’s customer base. It is important to understand that golf fitness is not just about stretching and lifting. It’s about providing a complete package of services that improve the player’s body and mind, thus improving his or her golf swing and enjoyment in the game. I’m always connecting, always reading about who’s doing new and innovative things. I never turn down a meeting or phone call, as you never know where your next great connection will come from.

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