GFAA Best Practice: Develop Partnerships to Promote Golf Fitness

Randy Chang, the 2020 Southern California PGA Section Teacher of the Year and Eight- Time Aloha PGA Section and Southern California PGA Section Award Winner, is the PGA Owner/Operator at Randy Chang Golf Schools and PGA Director of Instruction at The Journey at Pechanga in Temecula, California. He is also a member of the Southern California PGA Section Board of Directors.

Randy Change on the importance of developing partnerships to promote golf fitness:

With golf fitness becoming a vital component of many player development programs, golf instructors or facilities without a dedicated fitness center onsite should seek partnerships with local fitness professionals who have a shared vision for expansion of services. I recently added to the Randy Chang Golf Schools curriculum by partnering with a local gym that enables us to place a greater focus on mobility, flexibility and balance. My partner in this endeavor, John Thomas, a TPI-certified golf fitness trainer, is owner of LOR Golf Lab, located at Fitness Elite in Laguna Nigel, California. He recently moved his business to the larger space at Fitness Elite and, together, we highlight the importance of fitness, wellness and proper rehabilitation. John has all the tools to facilitate highly-effective golf fitness sessions with my students. Adjacent to his golf fitness space, I have implemented a Full Swing golf simulator and I use Swing Catalyst Balance Plate for teaching and reinforcement of the principles learned during the student’s fitness sessions. I also conduct custom clubfittings to make sure no stone goes unturned in the steady progression of our students. This holistic approach to game improvement is effective and demonstrates a professionalism that is hard to beat.

Randy Change on the business impact of developing partnerships to promote golf fitness:

The greatest benefit is the convenience of everything being under one roof, bringing awareness of both facets of the program to my students, as well as John’s, and the overall membership of the gym. When my adult students state their hefty goals for game improvement, I immediately initiate their involvement with LOR Golf Lab to address their golf fitness needs, creating a comprehensive game plan for progress. Golf fitness has always had a place in my junior programs, as well, even before the current surge in play. I feel the swing we’ve allowed kids to make with clubs that we’ve cut down over the years has caused injuries over time. With a new focus on fitness through PGA.Coach and the American Development Model, we now strive to build athletes and incorporate the most effective health and wellness concepts and practices into our junior programs. Those juniors who seek high school and college play are the players who become most dedicated to the full package of instruction and golf fitness. Seek the local partnerships that will bring such success to your students.

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