GFAA Best Practice: Develop Relationships to Grow Your Business

Leo Rooney
is the Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance, overseeing locations in Los Angeles, Coast Mesa and Santa Monica, California.

Leo Rooney on the importance of developing relationships to grow your business:

When seeking growth in your customer base, it is important to create relationships and increase engagement with potential new clients, as well as sources of new business. I have found the following three distinct methods to be highly effective. The first includes the use of social media. Many golf and fitness professionals post videos and tips to educate those following their feed. I am a big proponent of giving away your most valuable information for free. People are afraid to give away their “secrets” – but that is an illusion. It’s the most valuable content and information that actually creates interest and positions you as an expert in your field, which is vital. There are very few innovative advances as beneficial to those of us seeking to sell our wares as social media – it is literally free advertising to an unlimited number of potential new clients. Another method of increasing my customer base is to foster connections within the industry, specifically with local golf and fitness professionals. By befriending fellow professionals in your area through lunch appointments, rounds of golf or a simple cup of coffee, you are able to sell yourself – your skills and your business. As their students have needs that may fall beyond the breadth of their services, these professionals will be looking for reliable collaboration nearby, not only to benefit their students, but to reinforce their reputation as a reliable coach and mentor.  You cannot overestimate the value to your business that a trustworthy network of fellow professionals can provide. Finally, if you want to build your customer base, go above and beyond for the students you currently do have. Overindulge them in your expertise. Engage them beyond their expectations. Follow up between sessions to see how their body is feeling and their golf game is doing. Providing such an exemplary level of service, that they frankly won’t expect, will drive them to refer their friends, family and colleagues to you and your facility.

Leo Rooney on the business impact of developing relationships to grow your business:

By giving away your knowledge online, picking up a lunch tab or two or going all-in with every student you have, you will build a reputation that grows your client roster year after year. You won’t need to spend money on advertising and will have potential new clients actually contacting you, as you watch your business grow. Regardless of one’s field of business, maintaining a network of professionals is beneficial to share ideas, attain advice and yes, even develop a more extensive customer base. As we look to open a fourth Southern California location of Urban Golf Performance, this formula has surely worked for us. Customers see your growth and trust in you and your product. Proving your value to the client is the greatest marketing tool you can have in a business like ours. The education and certifications are great, but our success will always be gauged upon the people aspect of what we do. Compile a skilled team and go above and beyond for everyone who comes through your doors.

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