GFAA Best Practice:
Engage Your Fitness Community via Virtual Sessions

Jenny Hill is the Fitness & Wellness Director, Irina Schulz is the Fitness & Wellness Center Coordinator, and David Engram, a Four-Time PGA Section Award Winner is the PGA Head Professional at Mirabel Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Mirabel Golf Club Golf Fitness Team on the importance of keeping your fitness community together via virtual sessions:

Golf fitness is a major part of our health and wellness program here at Mirabel. Led by our Fitness & Wellness Director Jenny Hill, we have an active fitness program where the majority of our focus is spent keeping our members on the course. From injury prevention to pre- and post- surgery exercises, to strengthening of areas that tend to weaken as one ages, we are always looking for innovative ways to engage our membership in staying fit. That is best exemplified by our aquatics program. Led by our fitness instructor Irina Schulz, these sessions provide low-impact, full-body cardio 60-minute classes that also serve as great physical therapy and injury prevention tools. When the pandemic hit, Jenny and our Fitness & Wellness team realized that this community needed to be kept together. We soon began utilizing Zoom as a great way to reach the membership, offering basic studio fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Once everyone got comfortable with the new format, the fitness team started adding classes, including Irina’s popular “AquaZOOM” aquatics classes.

The Mirabel Golf Club Golf Fitness Team on the business impact of keeping your fitness community together via virtual sessions:

“Golf aquatics from home” has been ongoing since we implemented it late last spring and we currently offer several classes per week. Aided by the fact that the majority of our members have personal pools and TVs or tablets near them, they have been able to participate in classes from the comfort of their homes. Jenny and Irina normally have about 15-20 people per week in their aquatics classes. The convenience of being at home, coupled with the additional level of privacy members don’t get at the club, have contributed to the success of the program. Irina teaches from an area outside her own home pool, with Jenny able to observe and privately give modifications to those who need it. We continue to offer an array of Zoom classes every week across all kinds of fitness disciplines. People love seeing their friends, and we’re getting participation from various members who are shocked at how much of a workout they get in the pool. It has been a great reminder that no matter your facility’s circumstances, you can find ways to continue your fitness classes and ensure everyone stays in shape.

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