GFAA Best Practice: Expand Your Fitness Center

Tom Hemmings is the Senior Golf Fitness Instructor at Sea Island Golf Performance Center in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Tom Hemmings on the importance of expanding your fitness center:

The Sea Island Golf Performance Center is a new building filled with the latest and greatest in Technogym equipment. Just over two years old, our facility allows us to guide clients through everything documented in the Technogym Golf Performance Program that I wrote with fellow fitness professional, Damon Goddard of Goddard Sports Performance & Nutrition in Dallas, Texas, and Marty Miller of Technogym. We’re now able to replicate the efforts performed in the PGA TOUR fitness trailer. The new environment at our performance center also provides an intimate, private setting that enables students to focus on the task at hand with few distractions. Our customized programming covers it all, and with clear goals that are determined through conversation, observation and a full range of assessments. After all, in my experience I find that most people don’t know their restrictions until you point them out. The new building houses our gym upstairs and an array of golf-specific technology and hitting bays that open up to the driving range downstairs. We also have a putting studio and retail shop. Each hitting bay is equipped with video analysis software and monitors to provide the feedback instructors use in their analysis. We treat each client with a customized approach that ensures we’re giving them information that’s going to help improve their game. In fact, with Technogym’s super versatile and innovative equipment, our efforts are as effective with the Sunday golfer as they are with the tour pro.

Tom Hemmings on the business impact of expanding your fitness center:

Our old building was very small, and we outgrew the space, triggering the expansion. Now we’re serving more clients than ever, with a greater selection of programs. We’re quite spoiled frankly, but we’re passing those benefits on to our clients with a holistic approach to golf fitness. We now have a sports psychologist, a putting coach, club fitters, a dietitian and a full spectrum of professionals who dig deep to identify the areas in need of development. Through it all, we are very golf-oriented. If you’re getting squeezed by your current fitness center, consider a change that meets your budget and your clients’ needs. Not everyone can support the level of expansion that we implemented at Sea Island. In fact, you don’t have to invest in a lot of equipment to get started or to be successful. The experts in our field are smart and creative enough to figure out a way to help each individual. My remote clients, for instance, have shown a great deal of progress by simply using resistance bands at home. As a fitness professional, consider what you have to work with and tailor a plan that works within those parameters.

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