GFAA Best Practice:
Golf and Fitness Professionals Should Collaborate and Be Visible Together

EJ McDonnell is the PGA Director of Golf and Tammy Mugavero is the Director of Fitness at Bonita Bay Club, in Bonita Springs, Florida.

EJ McDonnell and Tammy Mugavero on the importance of golf and fitness professionals be visible together:

Whether starting a golf fitness program or continuously building upon one you’ve had for years, the efforts of your golf and fitness professionals should be collaborative, and they should often be visible together throughout your facility. Whether on the practice range or in the fitness center, your professional team should be seen by members as a cohesive unit working together for the betterment of your students. At Bonita Bay Club, we have hosted town halls together to educate our members on the benefits of golf fitness to their golf game and overall health. Members had the opportunity to ask questions of us and engage in conversation from both sides – golf and fitness. By having access to each of us and taking in the information provided, they were able to gauge the level of fitness they needed or desired. In our six years of working together, we have also hosted workshops that allowed additional opportunities for us to present in front of members and demonstrate the benefits that golf fitness can have on their game, regardless of their skill level playing it. Finally, with so many shared students, it is a great visual for members to see us in action, actually working with a student together, whether on the range with their swing or in the fitness center conducting some stretching exercises.

EJ McDonnell and Tammy Mugavero on the business impact of golf and fitness professionals be visible together:

Communication is such a vital aspect of this collaboration. In addition to the interactive ways of working together mentioned here, we also collaborate in producing video tips that we email to members and post on YouTube, blogposts on our club’s website, and emails and newsletters that are distributed regularly. Not only is the information important to establishing, and then maintaining a successful golf fitness program, but the collaborative effort that goes into it is often a convincing factor with members who may be hesitant as to whether or not they need or would benefit from participation in our programs. The more members see your professionals working together, the easier they will understand your message and the importance of an effective golf fitness program. With a healthier membership, they will not only play longer into their lives, but they will play more often as well. They will see the benefit of golf instruction and proper golf fitness on their skill level and seek to improve using all the tools and amenities that your facility provides.

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