GFAA Best Practice: Host a Health and Wellness Speaker Series

Benjamin Hay is the PGA General Manager and Savanah Maurtua is the Wellness Coordinator at Crane Creek Country Club in Boise, Idaho.

Golf Fitness Association of America Best Practice: Benjamin Hay and Savanah Maurtua on the importance of hosting a health and wellness speaker series:

We estimate that almost half of our membership utilizes our fitness facility on a high-use basis – that being at least once per week. To operate with a focus on wellness and healthy living, we strive to increase this important engagement with our members by offering a robust weekly fitness class schedule. Highlighted by Yoga on the Green, Cardio Strength, Barre, Circuit Training, SHiNE Dance, Pilates and H20 Fit, we offer group fitness options six days per week. In addition, our fitness center is open from 5:00 am to 8:30 pm with 90-minute-sessions available by appointment to limit occupancy at any one time. In addition, our PGA First Assistant Professional, Luke Sestero, is a TPI-certified instructor who implements golf fitness concepts and movements into his coaching, while highlighting the benefits to one’s golf swing and overall quality of life. With fitness addressed at both sides of the club, it is important to consider new ways to draw members in and provide additional wellness opportunities. One way is to bring in local professionals to present their expertise in a series of speaking engagements that are free for members to attend. From dieticians to doctors to acupuncturists, we want to help educate our members on various topics in this quarterly wellness platform. We kicked it off just before the pandemic, and are looking forward to continuing the program this year. With topics such as mental health, fitness and meditation, there is something for everyone – we even hosted one on long-term care for family and relatives, going beyond the scope of what members can do for themselves.

Benjamin Hay and Savanah Maurtua on the business impact of hosting a health and wellness speaker series:

Speaker series seminars are held in our spacious clubhouse meeting room and are not necessarily about selling memberships — they are about improving overall member health in our community. This engagement opportunity also increases the value of their membership, aiding in member retention. As COVID protocols allow, members will be welcome to bring a guest or two to learn from our expert speakers and experience a few of the wonderful amenities that Crane Creek has to offer. These sessions could be combined with food and beverage specials to increase the social aspect of the occasion, while also generating revenue for the club.

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