GFAA Best Practice:
Maximize Available Space to
Facilitate Your Golf Fitness Curriculum

Briana Morris is a PGA Fitness Professional at Denver Country Club in Denver, Colorado.

Briana Morris on the importance of utilizing all available space to facilitate your golf fitness curriculum: 

When we look back at 2020, many of us will consider what we did to make the best of a very different situation. As PGA Professionals, coaches and mentors, it is important to keep our customers and students engaged to instill some semblance of normalcy in their lives. With the influx of new and returning golfers in the game this year, the time is perfect to offer the full breadth of our knowledge and expertise. That means offering programming that meets their needs – golf instruction and playing opportunities, socially-distanced social engagements and golf fitness and wellness experiences. Keeping members healthy and aware of the benefits that good fitness and nutrition can have on their golf game, as well as on their lives as a whole, is a challenge we should embrace. As a PGA Fitness Professional at Denver Country Club, I play a role in helping our 800+ members live better lives. As COVID presented hurdle after hurdle, we leapt those obstacles by effectively implementing all required health and wellness protocols throughout our fitness center. And when we looked around and asked ourselves what more we could do, we created a plethora of fitness opportunities throughout the club. We hold many of our yoga and pilates classes in our main ballroom, and personal training sessions in adjacent, smaller rooms. We also developed a full curriculum of fitness sessions and personal training opportunities in our primary fitness center, our circuit room and indoor tennis center, engaging members and students with a wide array of fitness tools and equipment. With limited capacity in each of these locations, we implemented an array of fitness sessions online via Zoom as well.

Briana Morris on the business impact of utilizing all available space to facilitate your golf fitness curriculum:

With just three full-time fitness operations staff members and seven additional contracted vendors sharing their knowledge and expertise, we have worked with all demographics of member, including juniors, seniors, women and those rehabbing from injury. We’ve operated with the complete safety of our members and staff in mind by spreading our sessions across various locations at our club, helping us serve many of our existing Denver Country Club students, as well as various new ones striving to stay healthy amid the global health crisis. Some of the rules had to change to adhere to the mandates issued by the health department and CDC. One of these new stipulations requires members to not only sign up in advance for our group or one-on-one sessions, but also make reservations to utilize the machinery in our fitness center. We do this in order to maintain a manageable number of individuals at any one time. Despite the lingering threat of the coronavirus, we remain present and diligent for our members and look forward to growing the game even more in 2021.

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