GFAA Best Practice: Pound the Pavement to Get Started

Chris Finn is a Licensed Therapist and the Founder of Par4Success in Morrisville, North Carolina.

Chris Finn on the importance of pounding the pavement to get started:

Whether you’re building a golf fitness program at a private club or starting your own stand-alone fitness business, creating awareness is a vital first step. As I continue to grow my business, I enjoy many collaborative relationships with YouTube channels and podcasts that help educate others and demonstrate my expertise. Another effective method of getting my message out is through written materials, like those I write for Titleist Performance Institute, GolfWRX and now the Golf Fitness Association of America and PGA Magazine. Having started Par4Success out of my car in 2013, I understand the methodical process that goes into spreading awareness, promoting growth and seeing overall success in one’s business. During those early years, I would give golf fitness seminars and host pop-up sessions on the ranges of local clubs and courses. I’d provide free screenings and offer insight on how to correct the deficiencies that were hindering golfers’ true progress in the game. Ideally, we’d then set up a time to come to me for a more formal, paid assessment. Since that time, I have worked hard to add to my knowledge and share it with others through emails that are the first step in what I hope are long-term relationships. In addition, I participate in a variety of Zoom calls with various fitness and golf professionals, getting my name and message out among industry colleagues.

Chris Finn on the business impact of pounding the pavement to get started:

To give me the greatest potential for development in my business, my in-house team is geared strictly towards golf fitness, and we’ve purposely remained instructor-agnostic, welcoming relationships with all PGA Professionals and coaches who value collaboration as much as we do. We develop these professional relationships by showing the golf professionals the benefits we provide and sharing our philosophy and mission. Through these connections, they understand the positive effect we can have on their students, and that’s what our collaboration is all about. These efforts to share information, whether written, oral or collaborative, are much easier to do now that I have a background of expertise and a proven product at Par4Success. If you’re just starting out, it’s a great way to market yourself and your business whenever you can. Even after all these years, I still never say no to an opportunity. My message is often very simple. There are three big things golfers care about: longevity, distance and pain. Keep them out of pain, playing a long time and with adequate length that makes the game fun, and you will have a dedicated customer.

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