Golf Fitness Best Practice: Bring Chiropractic Services to Golfers

Dr. Zach Cutler is a Sports Chiropractor and TPI Specialist at Family Golf and Learning Center and the Golf and Training Institute – Powered by Performance Chiropractic. Check out his website here.

Dr. Zach Cutler on the importance of bringing chiropractic services to golfers:

After graduating from Logan Universitys College of Chiropractic in December of 2021, I immediately joined Adam Betzs team at Family Golf and Learning Center, providing full-time chiropractic and golf fitness services to our dedicated golfers. The majority of my clients are local country club members who are 40 years or older and use Adams driving range and Par 3 course for practice. They are true die-hard golfers, for which I have a great appreciation as a former Division I golfer at Valparaiso University. I also have several high school and college golfers on my client roster. Many of my middle-aged (and older) clients have a medical history that includes short- and long-term injuries and one or more surgeries. They are seeking better mobility and swing speed for longer balls off the tee and the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf pain-free. When engaging with clients for the first time, we provide an extensive assessment that includes TPI concepts in mobility and stability, a brief power evaluation (upper body, core and lower body) and a swing speed analysis with the speed stick to gather some baseline data upon which we will build our program and gauge progress. This assessment applies to all clients, regardless of age or skill level. After the assessment, we talk about the results and discuss how they correlate to his or her golf swing. Frequency and length of engagement depend upon the clients needs, body type, medical history, motivation, time available and goals. On average, however, Ill see clients 1-2 times per week for about eight sessions.

Dr. Zach Cutler on the business impact of bringing chiropractic services to golfers:

While the priority during this time of year is to play golf, the off-season allows us to concentrate on rehabilitation and training. We increase weight and decrease reps, focusing on the goal at hand. Regardless of when my clients and I work together (in season or winter), they understand the importance of the process itself. They realize that our work is beneficial year-round and theyll pursue chiropractic care and soft tissue work at various times per year. They might have a back issue that just cropped up after a long flight and will come in to address that specific problem. After all, with the stellar golf amenities we have here at Family Golf, our golfers can hit balls on the range as weather permits, and utilize our simulators and Scoring Lab to hone their skills year-round. I will host group sessions among high school and college golfers during the winter when their tournament schedules are dormant and isolate power and strength. I also incorporate treatment and golf fitness into these sessions. I enjoy the motivation and inspiration the participants share, encouraging each other to achieve their goals.

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