Golf Fitness Best Practice: Create a Fitness Center that Members Can Be Proud Of

Reggie Williams is the Fitness Director at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado.

Reggie Williams on the importance of creating a fitness center that members can be proud of:

It’s an exciting time at Blackstone Country Club, as we opened a fully-refurbished fitness center with more than two dozen pieces of Technogym equipment last fall. Having come on board as Fitness Director just a month later, I am fortunate to be able to create new programming to engage our 1,400-plus members and elevate the health and wellness offerings of our club. We’ve added new fitness professionals to our team to facilitate programming such as yoga, HITT, spin, personal training and golf-specific fitness training. To further attract our club’s golfing members, these new professionals will possess a love of the game of golf, and when possible, have experience working with golfers. Of course, we want them to teach to their passion, but with the programming we’re putting in place, golf will be a vital component. Whether improving one’s breathing and mobility through yoga, or strength and power through HIIT, we strive to improve golfers’ skills, and promote a healthier lifestyle through our innovative programming and state-of-the-art Technogym equipment. Sparing no expense, our club went all-in with the best equipment in the business. I call it the Ferrari of gym equipment. The functionality of these tools is second to none, including my favorite, the Kinesis, which enables me to take a student through every movement he or she will need in a golf swing. The equipment is effective, easy to use and very reliable.

Reggie Williams on the business impact of creating a fitness center that members can be proud of:

Still fresh and new, our fitness center has members in awe when they walk through the doors, as their eyes light up. It makes me proud to see the direction our fitness amenities are going. In addition to its incredible equipment, Technogym’s service is exemplary, with my sales and service contacts getting back to me in real time every time I reach out. Their support sets them apart from everyone else. Coming on board, I didn’t have to revamp anything, since other than the one-on-one golf fitness training of our Golf Fitness Specialist Ray Bikulcius, there was no established general fitness programming. With these vital components in place – refurbished fitness center, top notch equipment, new fitness team of professionals and a budding new relationship with our PGA Professionals and Golf Fitness Specialist – I am excited to create new programming from scratch.

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