Golf Fitness Best Practice: Grow the Game of Golf One Jogger at a Time

Bonnie Hamilton, AGM, is the Director of Retail at Washington Golf & Country Club in Arlington, Virginia.

Bonnie Hamilton on the importance of growing the game of golf one jogger at a time:

We love the direction golf apparel is heading. The term “Golf fashion” used to be an oxymoron. Now, the lines are blurring between streetwear, athleisure and traditional golf clothing. Looking around our shop, our floor has changed significantly over the past two years, as has our membership. Peter Millar polos share space with Greyson hoodies and Nike joggers. Air Jordans compete with FootJoy golf shoes. Joggers have become an area of focus in the past few seasons, and we now carry styles from multiple brands. This category appeals primarily to the club’s younger members, and even though joggers are not permitted on the golf course, we believe it’s important to provide apparel that this demographic can wear comfortably around the clubhouse and fitness facility, maintaining a hipper, more comfortable business casual look. Joggers are also great for jogging, hiking or wearing in airports on travel days.

Bonnie Hamilton on the business impact of growing the game of golf one jogger at a time:

We’re entering a dynamic new age of “golf fashion” with inspirations coming from all walks of life. It’s an exciting mash-up of polos, hoodies and joggers aimed at today’s young golfer. Golf clothes, once a uniform, are being influenced by streetwear’s self-expression and authenticity. It’s exciting to see creative designs being worn by golfers of all shapes and sizes. The challenge for a country club golf shop is to carry a mix of clothes that appeal to every member. A cool collection of golf apparel can help attract the next generation of golfers and help grow the game. Golf is an intimidating sport with several barriers to entry. If putting on a pair of joggers attracts new golfers, then we all win. Clothes, like joggers, may help open the door and get a kid interested in golf.

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