Golf Fitness Best Practice: Have a Fitness Center that Drives Programming and Engagement

Brooks Williams is the Fitness Director and Tennis Professional at Rockwall (Texas) Golf & Athletic Club.

Brooks Williams on the importance of having a fitness center that drives programming and engagement:

When promoting physical fitness among our golfing members, it is important to offer several options and create an inviting space for them to pursue their fitness goals. Our old fitness center was a very small gym that was located below the restaurant in our main clubhouse. At barely 1,000 sq, ft., it was antiquated and not very user-friendly. Though it satisfied the need at the time, with the growth of fitness, and more recently, in golf fitness, we decided it was time for something better. We built a larger, more modern fitness center in a brand-new building seven years ago. There’s a great full workout room downstairs and an amenities center upstairs that holds special events and classes. When the new space opened, it affected programming significantly, not only providing opportunity for expanded offerings, but it motivated the membership to place a greater focus on their health and wellness. We brought in some personal trainers to work with members. Though they were not specialized in golf, these professionals were very well-rounded and have since developed a keen knowledge of the needs of our golfing population. We now also collaborate with local yoga and Pilates instructors who have their own studios in our area. They’ll come to Rockwall by appointment to work with individuals or small groups of members. This private and group fitness programming was a huge added amenity to our membership, and remains a substantial contributor to member retention.

Brooks Williams on the business impact of having a fitness center that drives programming and engagement:

To continuously maintain the high level of service and opportunity that we have fostered, we’re updating our fitness center with new machines, and a new configuration that will offer more space for members to spread out and focus on their fitness regimen. With 2.500 sq. ft., we’re not expanding the space, just using it more efficiently – not so compact, cramped and cluttered. In an effort to grow our fitness programming using multiple areas of our facility, we implemented a partnership with Camp Gladiator last spring. Taking place in our parking lot three days per week, the Camp Gladiator fitness professionals work with their clients, some of whom are our members, on cardio and weights, addressing all parts of the body. Rockwall Golf & Athletic Club members even get a discount to join. Some of our most-frequent golfers have become more active in our fitness center and are taking advantage of our relationship with Camp Gladiator. They’re even playing more tennis and competing on our club’s tennis team. Fitness and attention to health and wellness is a mindset. If you provide the facilities and the opportunities, members will respond.

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