Golf Fitness Best Practice: Help Clients Stay Well for a Lifetime

Dr. Dustin Emblom, a Past President of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association, is the Owner of Allied Chiropractic in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Dr. Dustin Emblom on the importance of helping clients stay well for a lifetime:

I’ve been addicted to golf since I was seven years old, growing up at our local municipal course in Little Falls, Minnesota. So naturally I became interested in the Titleist Performance Institute’s (TPI) concepts and philosophies when I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for Level 1 in 2017. Although Allied Chiropractic dates back about three decades, I have been in practice since 2009 and have had my clinic in Saint Cloud, Minnesota since July 2010. Since that time, I have seen patients of all ages and walks of life – from newborns to individuals in their 90s – although my primary demographic within the golf world is middle-aged to senior golfers. With Minnesota being one of the top states in the country in golfers per capita, there are many opportunities to help people enjoy the game as much as I do. My work with golfers has been wide-ranging, helping clients with acute and chronic lower back pain and others with soft tissue injuries. Lower back pain is a very common condition that I see in golfers and one that could take them out of the game if not treated. In fact, I had a client recently who was seriously considering quitting because of the constant lower back pain he endured when playing golf. Fortunately, we rectified that situation – that was a rewarding case. I have also had success helping golfers on the performance side. They generally seek better mobility and increased power to hit the ball farther. As many professionals in our field can attest, I have golfers in my practice who have worked their whole lives to be able to retire so they can play golf in their golden years, and they are looking for someone who can help them recover from injury and improve on the performance side. Helping them get well and stay well for a lifetime is important to me.

Dr. Dustin Emblom on the business impact of helping clients stay well for a lifetime:

I’ve grown my clientele by building connections and sustaining relationships through presentations to local groups, and have been aided by patient referrals from local golf professionals who have students facing injury or diminishing abilities. I believe that creating a team with our local PGA Professionals that is based around the golfer is crucial to the student’s success. As they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” I have a great relationship with our local country club and its PGA Professional and appreciate the opportunity to conduct presentations at the course on such topics as mobility, power and overspeed training. I have also reached out to local college golf coaches to forge the same types of relationships. You can never rest on your laurels. I continually attend TPI seminars, whether in person or online and recently educated myself on overspeed training, even completing Superspeed Golf’s certification course. Helping clients stay well for a lifetime means educating ourselves for just as long.

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