Golf Fitness Best Practice: Implement a Holistic, Client-Focused Approach

Bradley Borne is a Sports Medicine Therapist and the Founder of Bbornewellness in New York City.

Bradley Borne on the importance of implementing a holistic, client-focused approach:

I recently designed a gym that opened on Long Island. With a full membership model, Lab 18 combines Trackman indoor golf technology, GASP Systems force plate capabilities, Quintic Ball Roll putting analysis, PuttView projection-mapped putting practice and a full bar to promote the same social experience golfers look for on the course. I designed a movement lab where I practice sports medicine and golf fitness, working with members to optimize their health and golf performance. In addition, weve welcomed Long Island club fitting staple, Petes Golf to the team. They provide their custom club fitting expertise to ensure members are properly fit and utilizing equipment that meets their specifications. Im also working out of The Boroughs Golf Club in Manhattans SoHo district to collaborate with their golf professional and optimize member performance. Boroughs is a more exclusive venue where I also engage with my members and clients to help them lead healthier lives and enjoy the benefits that come with a health-conscious lifestyle. These two facilities will enable me to build my brand and share my expertise with more patrons, as I continue to serve the long-term clients whove been with me for several years. With more golfers than ever looking at wellness trends and seeking improvement through the use of data, setting an individual performance plan for each client is vital to these long-term relationships. By expanding my umbrella of services, I can create more opportunities for my clients.

Bradley Borne on the business impact of implementing a holistic, client-focused approach:

As such, I have taken clients to see Darrell Kestner, the PGA of America Director of Golf at Deepdale Golf Club, for a putting lesson and garner the services and teaching acumen of other local PGA of America Golf Professionals. One of them recently implemented an extensive putting program that he facilitated last winter. In addition, as I have for years, I accompany my clients to Manhattan to see specific therapists whose proficiency falls into the plan Ive set for my clients. Although these services are outside the scope of my expertise, I am, again, overseeing the engagement that my clients have with the network of professionals I have developed over the years. I will then incorporate the advice of these professionals into the work I do with my clients, ensuring the word of our professional network is heeded by the client for his or her maximum progress and advancement. This is the backbone of the membership model that Ive incorporated with my clients and promote with our members at Lab 18 and The Boroughs. Developing a comprehensive plan for clients is key to them achieving their goals. I promise to find the right people, products, programs and partners to provide a premiere package of services for clients that foster long-term relationships based on collaboration and teamwork.

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