Golf Fitness Best Practice: Market Your Golf Fitness Business Through Engagement

Scotty McAlarney is the Director of Golf at Scott Greens Golf Club in Scott Township, Pennsylvania.

Scotty McAlarney on the importance of marketing your golf fitness business through engagement:

I work with students year-round in my Pennsylvania teaching studio and utilize the driving range at our family-owned golf course during the warm weather months. Engaging students frequently is a key factor in developing relationships, helping them improve on the golf course and live healthier lives. To fully maximize their development as golfers, I created a program called PYGO – Pilates, Yoga and Golf – utilizing the “HZ (Hitting Zone)” Golf Swing Trainer that I invented seven years ago. I researched many of the common Pilates and yoga moves, and implemented the most effective ones, as they pertain to the golf swing. The program presents repeatable movements that put students in specific positions that are vital to an effective swing. The students are encouraged to hold these positions for at least ten seconds to get the feeling of what they should experience when swinging. From there, we slowly move into the next position. These drills have proven successful in developing connection in the swing, teaching extension and getting the student’s hands into a better impact position. Because we do this in slow motion, the brain processes the information even faster than if I were to just communicate the information verbally. It has become so easy to do with the swing trainer that my students are seeing results without even hitting a golf ball.

Scotty McAlarney on the business impact of marketing your golf fitness business through engagement:

About five years ago, I implemented three series of videos (5-, 7- and 30-day challenges) that students can do at home. The videos are free on my website, whether or not the golfer owns our swing trainer, though ideally, the videos will drive sales of the trainer. This virtual engagement became a valuable tool during the pandemic. Most recently, I kicked off a weekly video series on YouTube called the Better Impact Series. Here, we’re highlighting several beneficial Pilates moves and yoga hold positions. Incorporating many of the concepts of PYGO, this new series of videos will further our efforts to get people in better golf shape and into more effective positions in their golf swing. This time of the year is ideal for golfers to dive deep into our virtual engagement, though I do welcome many to my home studio where I have a launch monitor. Providing free content online not only promotes my swing trainer, but also drives new golfers my way.

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