Golf Fitness Best Practice: Offer All Your Services Under One Roof

Ben Smock is the Founder of Integrity Golf Performance in Frisco, Texas.

Ben Smock on the importance of offering all of your services under one roof:

We started Integrity Golf Performance in February of 2020, and have created a structure that addresses athlete development through kinesiology, golf coaching, mental performance and custom club fitting. We even host private events that seek the expertise and experience of our professional team. IGP started with 4,000 square feet, three bays, a gym and a putting green. After being open for just a few weeks, we were forced to close for a couple of months due to COVID-19. We were, however, fortunate to qualify for the PPP loan, which allowed us to pay our team and keep the rent up to date. Once we reopened, business intensified quickly, and fortunately, we had established a relationship with custom club fitting leader Cool Clubs, out of Scottsdale, Arizona. It was important to instill this vital aspect of game improvement within our four pillars of service. Cool Clubs preceded most of the big custom fitting names you recognize today, and is in about 35 locations worldwide, maintaining quality while continuing to grow within the industry. Delivering a brand-agnostic experience, paired with industry-leading build standards and an expert club fitter, this relationship allows us to optimize the equipment variable in each golfer’s developmental journey. We have a team of golf coaches who work with everyone from beginners to tour professionals, customizing a plan that is geared towards the individual. We build relationships with our athletes, set goals, identify areas of improvement and ultimately, develop habits that are geared towards functional patterns and long-term success. We are precise in our adjustments and detailed in our analysis. With three hitting bays full of the most innovative coaching technology, we want to educate our students, while helping them become self-sufficient, motivated to focus on the details and ALWAYS be learning.

Ben Smock on the business impact of offering all of your services under one roof:

Our fitness programming is led by expert kinesiologists who collaborate with our golf coaches to provide each student with the tools and guidance that produce results. This aspect of our business continues strong in this thriving golf culture and takes place in our state-of-the-art Biomechanics Lab. As I looked around at similar facilities before opening Integrity Golf Performance, there was nothing as impactful to me as a holistic approach with a highly-skilled team. It’s a huge benefit to the golfer to have everything under one roof, and to have experts in each individual component of the business speaking a common language. This synergy is vital. After all, we are aligned as a team, and literally work within earshot of each other, addressing every need of our athletes. The demand we’ve seen has warranted an expansion in facilities. So, we’ve leased the space next door, adding 3,300 square feet. The new space will enable us to expand our business model and now offer on-course performance coaching, data collection and analysis, breathwork, course management and a private, members-only model that’s designed to deliver a tour-level development path for serious golfers.

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