Golf Fitness Best Practice: Promote Athletic Wear as a Natural Extension of Golf

Donna Molinaro is the buyer/merchandiser for Boca Rio Golf Club in Boca Raton, Florida.

Donna Molinaro on the importance of promoting athletic wear as a natural extension of golf:

Golf apparel brands have come a long way in a relatively short time. COVID-19 fast-forwarded where golf fashion was headed and a demand for comfortable, yet stylish clothing arose. Since that time, brands have introduced vibrant colors and fabrics that have elevated comfort and lightened moods. It is a fact that athletic wear has become a natural extension of the lifestyle we lead. Golf shops must incorporate athletic items into their product mix. As a buyer, merchandiser and stylist, I look for brands that combine great fabric, fit and design, and are popular among my members and clients. REDVANLY is a standout in the men’s golf and athletic wear segment. Galvin Green has propelled into the sports segment with ergonomically designed garments and performance fabrics with high breathability, and they have achieved this while offering a high level of design for men, women and juniors. Golf has enjoyed a significant increase in popularity worldwide, and women golfers have joined in the participation. There is a plethora of new athletic fashion-inspired brands that have entered the market. G/Fore, a youthful, energy-driven brand, launched a “Girls Golf Too” collection, showing support for gender equality in sport. These off-course styles in comfy fabrics promote a “love of golf.” Their tees, sweatshirts and hoodies are easily merchandised with their fantastic skirts, pants and lightweight fabric tops. Foray Golf, a woman’s brand, meets a woman’s golf apparel needs both on and off the course. Founder Megan LaMothe knows their “golf girl” lives an active lifestyle, and has optimized the product line to meet her needs. They have filled the growing gap in athletic wear beautifully.

Donna Molinaro on the business impact of promoting athletic wear as a natural extension of golf:

Merchandising these brands provides an opportunity to educate the consumer on how to wear and layer these athletic-inspired, less-structured items with traditional garb. How you display will allow for add-ons, a healthier sale and a more confident, well-dressed golfer. As comfort is No. 1 across the board, it’s good to display a mix of athletic-inspired items ranging from cotton performance blends to cashmere. You can fold softer pieces with less structure on a nesting table. Mix the fall and spring collections, showcasing bold color, cheerful designs and nature-inspired patterns in a way that “pop” your display. Also, hang items in an “outfitted” manner, rather than by categories or by color. Add golf accessories to the displays, but in a clean, modern manner, as you visually stir their senses to want more. Finally, allow the shopper to explore the many possibilities of today’s golf-appropriate, on- and off-course merchandise.

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