Golf Fitness Best Practice: Ride the Trends in Golf Retail

Heather Hadley, AGM, is the Senior Buyer and Merchandise Manager at Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, California.

Heather Hadley on the importance of riding the trends in golf retail:

Over the past couple of years, we’ve definitely seen a huge shift in demand from our customers. The desire for more casual, comfortable apparel has surged, and to meet our customers’ needs we had to pivot quickly. We introduced popular fitness brands like lululemon into our shop, and the reaction and sell-through have been phenomenal. We carry hoodies, joggers, leggings, workout shorts and scrunchies year-round. We’ve even sold over 200 sports bras! Who would have thought? To elevate the brand, we had custom hangers made with the lululemon logo, and we display the product on special fixturing. Vuori has been another exciting brand for us, and we have customers come in every day who are pleasantly surprised to see it in our shop. Sell-through has been so good that we had to re-order four times during the recent holiday rush. Our best-selling items have been the KORE workout shorts for men and the performance joggers for women. Another fun brand we recently discovered, Codeword, has been a great addition to our casual product mix. They specialize in quality hoodies, tees and headwear that call out your local area code or club nickname. Our customers have enjoyed the novelty and city representation. Over the holidays, we offered loungewear sets from Hello Mello. With a very friendly price point, we sold over 130 hoodies, joggers, cardigans and tank tops. We received a great fixture with our order, and it didn’t take up a lot of space on our sales floor. It was also one of our top Christmas gift items in 2022.

Heather Hadley on the business impact of riding the trends in golf retail:

There has definitely been a shift by most of our “golf-specific” vendor partners, as well. Travis Mathew, Greyson, Puma and FootJoy are among many that offer premium hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts. We’ve been bringing in those options, along with traditional quarter zip layers and jackets. Also, our sweatshirt category grew over 25 percent from the previous year, much greater growth than in any other apparel category. That metric alone is telling us something! Haggin Oaks’ retail strategy this year is to source/add a few familiar “outdoor” brands to our product mix. We’ve got our eyes on a few, and we’re confident it will be yet another avenue of success for us.

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