For 40 years, Gray Institute has certified over 250,000 professionals, accelerating their careers by becoming go-to movement coaches and trainers.
Gray Institute and Golf Fitness Association of America Bring You a Dual Certification Program:
Helping YOU become the go-to expert in human movement and golf
Helping You Accelerate Your Career
Helping Your Golfers have More Fun on the Golf Course
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Dual Certification Benefits

Meet the Advisory Team

Do you ever feel like there's more to the body than you were taught?

If so, Gray Institute is here to help

It's frustrating when you're doing your best to help members/clients, but it feels like something is missing.

We’ve spent the last 45 years helping more than 250,000 movement professionals and professional coaches find the missing piece and experience breakthrough success.

Enroll in this Dual certification package: FMC3D and FGC3D

Level 1: 3D Functional Movement Coach Certification

Movement affects us all. The ability for our bodies to move efficiently is the key to vibrancy and vitality and leads to a much-improved life experience. Whether it’s simply picking up a child and giving them a big hug or performing to your highest level (and everything in between), understanding and applying the basic science allows you to improve the lives of everyone you serve. Movement is also the key to extending our healthy years and lives. You will be introduced to Applied Functional Science (AFS) – the essential building blocks of how our bodies actually work. At the conclusion of this certification, you will understand how to apply this new understanding, instantly elevating your stature and value. In short, this certification will enhance the lives of others and your career.

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Level 2: 3D Functional Golf Coach Certification

Once you have completed the 3D Functional Movement Coach certification, Level 2 – the 3D Functional Golf Coach will be unlocked. This certification takes the science of AFS and applies it directly to golf. The principles taught in this course will allow you to improve the golf (and life) experience of literally every golfer, from the person who plays just to have an enjoyable day with friends and family to those trying to win major championships. The principles are exactly the same, and you will be astounded at how quickly and how much the level of improvement is in the lives and games of those you serve.

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How will certification help my golfers
play better golf?


Differentiate yourself from other movement professionals with certifications that will help you be seen as the movement professional who treats and trains the root causes of dysfunction in the body, not just symptoms.


Achieve better individualized outcomes for clients by leveraging movements that are authentic to everyday life. By utilizing all three planes of motion and the integrated nature of the human body, you’ll be able to treat and train the clients you didn’t know how to help before.


Gray Institute® will deepen your passion for your profession and the people who’ve entrusted their care to you. Growing in competence and confidence will build trust and connection with those you serve.

Getting Started is Simple:


Enroll and complete the 3D Functional Movement Coach Certification to unlock the 3D Functional Golf Coach Certification.


Complete the 3D Functional Golf Certification to unlock the Certified Coaches Portal.


Access the Certified Coaches Portal for videos and resources to aid in your coaching sessions.


Contact Gray Institute and
Golf Fitness Association of America