Motocaddy regards itself as the ‘ultimate caddy’ company. In 2004 it launched what became the most popular electric caddy model in the world (the S1). Most recently, it established a U.S. business with offices in Carlsbad, CA in response to the growing demand for powered walking carts to make the game easier and more enjoyable to play.

Over recent years, Motocaddy has taken the lead in its sector of the golf industry with advanced technology constantly being added to reliability and features designed to benefit all golfers. Pioneering electric caddy innovations have included Lithium batteries, automatic Downhill Control and electronic braking, a USB charging port, high-performance GPS course mapping, smart alerts and WiFi connectivity, distance measurements, plus the recently introduced ultra-responsive LCD touchscreen display with drag & drop pin positioning.

Motocaddy has a strong track record of working closely with its retail partners to provide product sell-through and service support, plus rental models that can generate significant revenue. The 2020 MyGolfSpy ‘Best Electric Cart’ review rated the Motocaddy M7 REMOTE model as the ‘Most Wanted’ and the M5 GPS as the ‘Best Smart Cart’.


Roger Teat