Program Design & Implementation: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Will Haddad is the Wellness Director at Northwood Club in Dallas, Texas.

At Northwood Club, we strive to provide our members with unique experiences and special attention every day. Our state-of-the-art wellness center is hometo all sorts of programming and services that make the facility a must-stop for members, especially those looking to improve their fitness in the name of a stronger golf game.

What really makes Northwood Club thrive is the collaboration between our wellness and PGA Professionals. With a shared vision, we offer programs that meet the needs of members, exceed their expectations and make their lives better.

We believe it’s essential for all team members to be equally passionate about delivering top-level outcomes for our member athletes. The communication between PGA Professionals and strength coaches has to be consistent, timely and straightforward. Each coach has specific goals and strategies for the athletes who are continually progressing, regressing and/or shifting. It’s vital to coordinate so those plans are supportive of each other.

At Northwood, that “plan” starts with a thorough needs analysis session that connects a member to both teams, golf and fitness. When assessing the needs of a member, we look for three components: mobility, stability and strength. All three have a significant impact on the swing, and are interconnected.

Without optimal mobility, achieving stability and strength is more difficult. Having less than optimal mobility is one of the primary causes of a player’s swing breaking down, adding to the development of faults that will hinder his or her progress and game improvement.

Working in cohesive fashion, we come up with the right game plan to minimize deficiencies and maximize improvement, while also keeping the member-experience in mind.

Our members trust us, and they know that the quality of service we will give them will be first-class. With the relationships already established, it’s a matter of delivering on expectations. And when expectations are met or exceeded, that’s when you’ve got something that will be remembered. We have a responsibility and duty of care to our members who trust us to provide them the best tools and resources to maximize their ability.