Program Design & Implementation:
Getting Busy With Winter Programming

Dr. Dustin Emblom is a past president of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association and the Owner of Allied Chiropractic in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

My primary golf demographic includes middle-aged and senior golfers who enjoy the game of golf in our relatively short summer season and might head south to warmer climates during the winter. When they are home, it’s important for them to come to me whenever they need our Allied Chiropractic services.

Winter gives us the opportunity to work on things we might not have when golf was on their agenda several days a week. Whether it’s something they’ve been holding off on to prevent a disruption in their game or an entirely new ailment, injury or challenge, the off-season here in Minnesota is considerably busier for me than the golf season itself.

I take pride in thoroughly assessing my patients, rather than guessing or relying solely on their feedback. It’s important to see where they are physically and set some goals and a game plan to help us attain those benchmarks. After all, not all golfers have the same issues.

I’ll reach out to many of my past clients towards the end of the golf season to see how they’re doing and follow up on our previous efforts together. Based on their responses, I can gauge what’s worked well with specific clients in the past and who might need a reassessment and a new plan in place. We’ll work one-on-one to apply a Level 1 TPI assessment and evaluate their current power. We’ll evaluate their mobility, which for my older population is vital to an effective golf game and getting around efficiently in their everyday lives. Winter is the perfect time to take these steps and apply some of the great new ideas that I attained at the TPI Power 3 seminar back in September.

I have started to make connections with local college golf coaches to provide assessments of their own physical status, and will then work with their players. Demonstrating the data collected and steps taken to progress helps build long-term relationships with these skilled golfers. With no tournaments scheduled during the winter months, we can assess, plan and work together to achieve their goals and rectify any outstanding issues that might be hindering their advancement and progress. Building rapport with these high-level golfers and gathering data is good marketing for any golf fitness professional.

Collaborating on the game plan with the client is important so they understand what and why we’re doing what we’re doing. I’ll see them either weekly or every other week and will keep in touch via phone, text or email to ensure all of our bases are covered.

Although my non-golfers still outnumber my golfers because I took over an existing chiropractic clinic 13 years ago, my roster of golfers continues to increase as my reputation for helping them improve their bodies and their golf games continues to spread.