Program Design & Implementation:
Orange Whip Golf Fitness X – Combining Golf and Fitness (Part 2 of a Two-Part Series)

Brian Newman is the Co-Founder of Orange Whip Golf Fitness X and the Director of Instruction and Fitness for Orange Whip Golf. He is based out of Eastwood Golf Course in Ft. Myers, Florida.

The program was growing with each successful encounter with my students and I wanted to take it to scale. Sessions were selling out and I was bouncing around in multiple gyms and clubs. To scale it, I implemented a certification program to teach other golf professionals and fitness trainers how to apply it. I also decided to film the workouts, share them with my students and ultimately create a subscription service. We soon had about 100 members, half of whom were my existing students. The videos were mirror presentations of the in-person classes that I had been running. We even had extras in the background reinforcing the teaching by demonstrating the moves.

That season, I was playing in a Carolinas PGA Section tournament and got paired with Jim Hackenberg, the inventor of The Orange Whip golf swing trainer. We traded pleasantries on the first tee, talked during the round and exchanged contact information afterwards. Jim had expressed a desire to incorporate The Orange Whip into the fitness side of golf training, but I really couldn’t imagine where we’d go from there.

He sent me his products, including the Orange Peel, which I adapted using bands to create instant posterior chain activation and mobility training. I immediately thought Orange Whip could be an ideal partner. We did a webinar with Orange Whip, and participants really took to the concepts and were interested in the products of this new unified front. Orange Whip would acquire my GFX program and we started to build Orange Whip Golf Fitness X.

Today, as the PGA Director of Instruction and Fitness for Orange Whip Golf, most of my engagement with students and coaches is virtual, and the majority of my in-person instruction is VIP-based or through special events where I put golf professionals and golfers through protocols at locations across the country. Our subscription program now enables golfers to follow the program in detail in the comfort of their home and in accordance with their own schedule.

Golf Fitness X in a nutshell:

• Combines golf and fitness

• Facilitates fast improvement in the golf swing

• Provides a good workout and an effective golf lesson

• Is approachable to the everyday golfer

• Portability allows students to work the program from home, the range or the gym

• Is a modifiable program

• Is suitable and effective for everyone