Program Design & Implementation:
Teach Your Members to “Train Like a Pro”

Reggie Williams is the Fitness Director at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado and Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado.

Our fitness offerings and programming continue to grow at Blackstone Country Club and Black Bear Golf Club. We brought on seven new coaches at the beginning of the year to triple our team’s presence and provide the exemplary service and expertise our members have become accustomed to.

We implemented a “Train Like a Pro” program in February as a follow up to golf-fitness-specific programming that we had planned last year. “Train Like a Pro” is golf-fitness training with an emphasis on fitness. We use GolfForever Swing Trainers in a ballroom at the club and engage a dozen members per session for one hour. The class is split into two smaller groups of six, half of whom utilize the swing trainer for asymmetrical training exercises, while the other half of the group is on the floor working on core mobility exercises.

They go 60 seconds on and then switch with their partner on the swing trainer, and then go another 60 seconds before switching again. After two rounds of each exercise, I introduce the next group of exercises and implement a timed circuit training of 60-second intervals.

The February session was the first of a series. Members sign up as each session is announced, some being repeat participants, while others are new to the programming. We had a second session in late March, with equal success, as members are understanding the merits of this training, not only on their general health and wellness, but in their actual golf game.

The first class was “foundation”, highlighting mobility and stability, with the second more about “strength” and a third coming soon that will bring “power” to the forefront of our training. From there, we’ll analyze the program, consider feedback from members and look at our other programming to either repeat the sessions or implement new topics in a similar format.

I lead the golf performance sessions but have another trainer present to help facilitate more individual attention as participants strive to do the exercises correctly or use the swing trainers to maximum effectiveness.

With many of these individuals also working with one of our PGA Professional golf coaches, there is much communication between departments to share information on our mutual clients. After all, the more data the golf coach has on the student’s capabilities and deficiencies, the better he or she will be able to work with that person.

We have hopes of incorporating both teams in these “Train Like a Pro” sessions to fully utilize the expertise of our professionals for the benefit of our members. Logistically, that’s often difficult, but starting one aspect of the “Train Like a Pro” program is certainly a step in the right direction.

We’ve welcomed members of all skill levels (mostly over 40 years old) to these sessions thus far and are happy to have had men and women signing up. Going forward, collaboration between professionals will be vital to effectively growing this program. We have stellar fitness and PGA Professional teams on board at Blackstone and Black Bear, and combining the knowledge of the two will be a huge asset for our members in their effort to play better golf and live healthier lives.