Retail Opportunities:
Promoting Merchandise Through Special Events

Cathy Goodrich is the AGM Director of Retail at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland.

When we reopened the golf shop after the initial COVID-19 closures last year, I wanted to promote health and fitness with the merchandise and equipment we carry in the shop. I had established a Lululemon account earlier in March, just prior to the pandemic, and it was selling like crazy. So, I decided to advertise and highlight Lululemon as a new brand at Woodmont Country Club by creating the merchandising event: “Get Back into the Swing of Things.”

This consisted of an evening at the club for members to buy products geared towards improving their game, as well as their health and fitness, while promoting Lululemon in the process. We brought in almost all the products they had to offer, and it wasn’t just clothing. We included yoga mats, water bottles, backpacks and various other accessories.

The promotion was a single-evening event, and our members received 25 percent of their sales back in additional product from the golf shop. It was a huge success, with $18,000 sold in that evening alone. But that was not all – the merchandising event also served as a huge marketing opportunity for our Lululemon line and a way to entice fitness members to visit the golf shop. It worked extremely well.

Since we established this relationship ten months ago, we have sold over $210,000 in Lululemon product alone. Other fitness lifestyle brands we carry are Beyond Yoga and Tasc, and we will continue to carry more of these labels, as they have been instrumental in recouping revenues lost due to early COVID-19 closures. Combining them with a “let’s get healthy again” type of event has helped continue to drive sales today.